Sunday, January 24, 2016

National Review "Against Trump" wallpaper: The GOP 2016 Royal Rumble

National Review "Against Trump" wallpaper: The GOP 2016 Royal Rumble
A new Trump wallpaper inspired by the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble. Dubbed 'One versus All', reigning Champ Roman Reigns is tasked with defending his title against the 29 other entrants. A stipulation created by WWE Establishment to strip him off his power.

National Review (Feb 2016): 'Against Trump' issue
Mirroring this storyline, conservative journal 'The National Review' published a special issue arguing "Against Trump". Featuring 22 prominent conservatives outlining their concerns for Trump as GOP nominee, headlined by APF pundit Glenn Beck and notables like Michael Medved and "top heel" William Kristol.

Donald Trump has already hit back by dismissing the relevance of the magazine whilst feigning concern. A classic Trump retort.
Whilst Glenn Beck has been actively warning his conservative viewers and counterparts of Trump, this latest assault might have awakened the GOP frontrunner and spun off a potentially juicier Feud. No doubt Trump will eventually go after Beck's own Media Empire and challenge its influence and financial standing. For now, the new program was teased with this promo on the "crying Glenn Beck"

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