Monday, August 18, 2008

Hugh Hewitt endorses Pundit Fight

Some flattering news today. Influential talker Hugh Hewitt, on his Friday show endorsed 'American Pundit Fighting'. Whilst not a complete non-sequitur it was definitely a welcome surprise.
Hugh Hewitt Show (August 15, 2008)
HUGH HEWITT: It reminded me of one of my favourite websites ever, have you seen Pundit Fight yet Generalissimo? Go google Pundit Fight, it is really a very funny website that treats pundits (like me I'm one of them) as though we're professional wrestlers. With the same conventions as professional wrestling and the same kind of theatrics and show, that sort of thing. It's a guilty pleasure, but he's a very smart guy. I just don't want it to catch on which is why I'm telling 2 million people about it. (sarcastically) So don't go to Pundit Fight. I don't know what the URL is.
It's extremely flattering and validating. Needless to say expect to see the APF releasing a Campaign ad with Hugh's endorsement sometime soon.
Listen to the full audio from Hugh's August 15th show
Listen to the excerpted audio of Hugh endorsing PunditFight

This might be a good time to address the unique accessory adorning Wrestler Hugh Hewitt. Attentive readers may have noticed that Hugh is the only pundit wearing a belt. See for yourself on the APF MySpace page.

Hugh is wearing the "Fight Champion" Belt described thusly:
Vote for pundit of the year!
The 'Fight Champion' belt goes to the pundit who is the most effective at opposing fellow pundits and other notable people of influence. For maximum points the Pundit should be challenging opponents who are more than capable of defending themselves. The award is not based on how many duels they win or lose, but rather the competitive fighting spirit in them.

I had originally planned to bestow awards to the pundits in 4 different categories commemorating their achievements in 2007. I silently postponed the awards, opting to let the nomination process marinate for another year. Read the awards on offer here. I did manage to fit Hugh with a belt however, largely because he was an outright winner for Fight Champion in 2007, Notable duels include:
1) Conservative Callers surprisingly defend Obama much to Hugh's chagrin
2) Hugh has an Iron Man match with marginalised conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan
3) Allahpundit of challenges Hugh Hewitt
4) Hugh and his callers duel over the chess game that was the Republican Primary
5) Hugh Hewitt turns the tables on legendary press reporter Helen Thomas


Winston said...

thats great

Kathy Shaidle said...

Don't forget his classic smack down of Joel "I Don't Support the Troops" Stein, of the LAT.

I actually understood the satirical point Klein was making, and suspect Hewitt did too -- but so what? It was so diabolically entertaining. Hewitt was in full attorney mode.

commoncents said...

Keep up the great work!

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A Jacksonian said...

Don't forget his time in the tank for Romney, which was hit by Ace and a number of others in a very humorous way. You have to admire the jabs he took through that period, although it did span 2006-07, as the primary season was more front-loaded than ever. But by 2007 it was: 'Do you know who XXXXXXX helps? Mitt Romney!'

PunditFight said...

I haven't forgotten a_jacksonian. I also agree with your sentiment "You have to admire the jabs he took through that period".

I did a post on it, likening Hugh to a wrestling Color commentator who calls the moves selectively in order to forward a narrative. AllahPundit of HotAir called him on it. In the early Primaries no prominent conservative talkers with the exception of Hewitt were unequivocal in their pick. Might explain the nomination of McCain