Friday, November 28, 2008

APF on vacation: favourite posts of the year compilation

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A compilation of APF's favorite posts
Hello readers,
I will be away on vacation so expect sporadic posts till Christmas winds down. In the meanwhile, contributing author Pete Vere will keep the lights on (and feed the cat) in my absence.

I encourage you to peruse the site. The blog is designed and written to be relevant and accessible without foreknowledge of American Politics, the news of the day or Wrestling.

Below is a listing of some of my favourite posts over the past year. Enjoy!
a) Read all posts regarding John McCain and Barack Obama
b) The rise and rise of republican outsider Mike Huckabee
c) Believe it or not, Politics has a lot in common with Pro Wrestling and Hollywood
d) The making of a villain: Jill Greenberg and John McCain
e) Battle of the Vice Presidents: Sarah Palin and Joe Biden
f) Fred Thompson: When hype meets reality
g) The War Hero and the Populist: an appealing template to voters
h) Sarah Palin - Change we can believe in
i) The Republican and Democratic primaries
j) Al Franken: Wrestler, SNL Alum, Radio Talker and Senator?
k) PalinMania causes reality to collapse on itself
l) The Election in Pictures (Wallpaper)
m) Joe Biden Wallpaper
n) No She Didn't! Sarah Palin upstages Hillary
o) The 3rd Presidential Debate: William Ayers and Wall Street
p) The APF's favourite "heel" (Villain) - Ann Coulter
q) King of the West Wing: The road to the Presidency
r) Hillary and Obama: Why the epic duel should be resolved wrestling-style
s) The Election: Tag teams McCain/Palin VS Obama/Biden
t) Sarah Palin Wallpapers
u) Sarah Palin and Joe Biden: Welcoming the VP debate
v) How Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live defined the 2008 election
w) Who is your favourite APF pundit? Is it Bill O'Reilly, Sam Seder, maybe Pete Dominick?
x) What Barack Obama and Sarah Palin have in common
y) What's left and What's right - Existential wallpapers

z) Bonus: Conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt endorses the blog

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