Saturday, April 30, 2011

To readers of PunditFight: Sorry for the lack of updates just when Donald Trump shows up

That's just great! Donald Trump throws his hat into the 2012 Presidential election and the blog is on hiatus. Shamefully as I am traveling Europe for the year, maintenance for the site will be sporadic.

This is unfortunate as news of Trump challenging President Obama is perfect fodder for this blog - The analogy that American Politics is not unlike professional wrestling.

Trump is exactly the type of theatrical media personality that makes American Politics wrestling-like. He is no stranger to wrestling, being a frequent guest on WWE programming and the marquee draw for Wrestlemania 23. This experience has certainly sharpened his ability to cut wrestling promos as evidenced by his high-profile feud between Rosie O'Donnell and his recent tirades on Robert De Niro and China.

VIDEO: Donald Trump signs contract for WWE WrestleMania 23