Saturday, February 28, 2009

The APF well represented in the Top 10 list of anti-Barack Obama conservatives

anti obama, limbaugh, coulter, malkin, hannity, savage, uk telegraph
Top 10 Anti- Obama Conservatives (2009)
The Telegraph UK recently featured a "Top 10 list of Anti President Obama conservatives". It comes as no surprise that 5 of the Top Ten were talkers on the American Pundit Fighting roster:
1. Rush Limbaugh
3. Sean Hannity
5. Michelle Malkin
7. Michael Savage
8. Ann Coulter

Each conservative on the list is given a light profile and includes a notable quote. My personal favourite, this profile for Sean Hannity that features a "wrestling like" promo
Top 10 anti-Barack Obama conservatives
3. Sean Hannity

The Fox News and talk radio host pursued Barack Obama relentlessly during the election campaign and has not let up since the Democrat's victory. Through sheer force of will, Hannity pushed Obama's William Ayers association into the political mainstream and he will undoubtedly remain one of the president's tormenters-in-chief for the next four or eight years.

Asked recently about Hannity, Obama said he was prepared to meet him. "I didn't know he had invited me for a beer, but I will take that under advisement...I'm always good for a beer," the president said.

Hours later, Hannity said he appreciated the president's gesture. "It seems like he's opened the door that he wants to meet with me," he told his listeners. "Now if he does, I would go on your behalf." Book a ringside seat and prepare for a YouTube classic if it ever happens.

Keith Olbermann and Janeane Garofalo VS Rush Limbaugh: APF handicap match

It's not the most riveting video but notable as it's a "handicap match" between 3 APF pundits. Liberal host Keith Olbermann and comedienne Janeane Garofalo team up against Conservative Rush Limbaugh.

Anyone familiar with Janeane from her time co-hosting the 'Majority Report' on Air America Radio will be versed in her psychoanalysis of conservatives and players like Rush. They will also be accustomed to her extemporaneous and sometimes muddled way of speaking. Though it has it's charm on the long form and intimate setting of radio, it doesn't translate as well on TV.

As is Keith Olbermann's MO, the interview was not combative but rather a tag team against an unrepresented foe. The target in this scenario is Rush Limbaugh, who has been making hay of a recent poll identifying his low approval rating amongst women. Keith sets up the story by beating up on Rush by derisively labeling him a "comedian". After softening up the target, the playbook has Keith tagging in a guest (Janeane) to continue the job.

VIDEO: Olbermann and Garofalo take on Limbaugh on MSNBC's 'Countdown'

It'll be interesting to see if Rush decides to counter this assault on his next program.

Rush Limbaugh never did take the bait set by Janeane Garofalo and Keith Olbermann. FoxNews' Red Eye did devote some time on the segment however

VIDEO: 'Red Eye' mocks Keith Olbermann and Janeane Garafalo

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tucker Carlson booed at CPAC. Michelle Malkin feels it was deserved

Speaking on the first day of CPAC 2009 (Conservative Political Action Conference), Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson was roundly booed for his tacit support of the 'New York Times'. A favourite target of the right for it's supposed liberal bias.

VIDEO: CPAC - Tucker Carlson tries to defend the New York Times, gets booed
As the Washington Independent reports, the timing of Tucker's charge was made more awkward as an advertisement for PajamasTV (online conservative news) seemed to illustrate Tucker's unpopular point.
Conservatives Confident Their Day Is Coming
Carlson finished his speech ("thank you for indulging me") and the day was gaveled to a close. The image on the giant screens in the Omni Shoreham’s ballroom changed to an ad for PajamasTV, which promised "analysis" of the news-just the thing that Carlson had criticized. In a parody of Apple’s "I’m a Mac, I’m a PC" ads, a staid-looking man in a suit played "mainstream media" to a hip young man’s "PajamasTV."

"It’s my job to tell you the facts," said Mainstream Media.
"Yeah, like Dan Rather got it right about President Bush’s service record," said PajamasTV.
Influential blogger and Pajamas TV presenter Michelle Malkin echoed the sentiments of the jeering CPAC crowd. Michelle, who has spearheaded reporting that has successfully entered and challenged the mainstream news cycle disabuses Tucker of the notion that the right don't do any reporting of their own. Listing her newest contributions:
The whitewashing of Gary Locke — and why Tucker Carlson deserved to be booed
I was amused to read about Tucker Carlson’s finger-wagging to conservatives at CPAC yesterday — apparently repeating the canard that the Right doesn’t do reporting like the vaunted New York Times and needs to stop "just analyzing things based on what the mainstream media has reported."...

Today my syndicated column reports on the truth about Gary Locke’s ethics-tainted record, which you can find in blogs, but not in the New York Times...
Michelle eases up slightly, by giving some credit to Tucker before the final uppercut
It’s one thing to see left-wingers pimp the myth that conservatives don’t do reporting. But to have a Beltway conservative show up to CPAC and lazily engage in such uninformed sanctimony? Funny thing is: Carlson was a terrific reporter in the early days of his own career... before he went on to become one of those many, you know, professional analyzers of things. Do as he says, not as he does.

He deserves all the boos he got.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rush Limbaugh: You're either with Bobby Jindal or you're against us

Overnight after Bobby Jindal's primetime rebuttal speech, there were many conservatives who were underwhelmed and began underplaying his legitimacy as a possible Presidential frontunner for 2012. Interestingly, Sarah Palin (another 2012 contender) under similar pressure from conservatives yearning for a bold political figurehead was more convincing in her early primetime tests.

But if you though Bobby Jindal was going to have trouble rehabilitating his image as a top contender. He gets an enviable endorsement from Rush Limbaugh that not only instantly reaffirms his frontrunner status but possibly shields him from future slings.
Why We Love Bobby Jindal
RUSH: Let me just say it right out. I love Bobby Jindal and that did not change after last night. I respect Bobby Jindal; I have great enthusiasm for Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, and nothing that happened last night changed my mind...

Because if you think people on our side, I'm talking to you, those of you who think Jindal was horrible, in fact, I don't want to hear from you ever again if you think that what Bobby Jindal said was bad or what he said was wrong or not said well, because, folks, style is not going to take our country back. Solid conservatism articulated in a way that's inspiring and understanding is what's going to take the country back. Bobby Jindal's 37 years old. I've spoken to him numerous times. He's brilliant. He's the real deal. I'm not coming here to defend him, he doesn't need that. We're going to have to figure out what we want. Do we want to have somebody in our party who can sound as smart as Obama regardless what he says and convince people to vote for us, or do we believe in a set of principles that defined this country's founding and will return it to greatness again? And if we do, we cannot shun politicians who share those beliefs simply 'cause we don't like the way they say it.

Rush raises a good point about the priorities people will need to reevaluate - do we want style or do we want substance? The reality is most casual viewers only see style. Something spin doctors, politicians, pundits and campaign managers are well aware of. Least of all Rush.

It's the genesis of the wrestling analogy. People tune in for the theatrics, charisma and the name calling. Not actually the wrestling. In the case of politics (and punditry), people aren't tuning for the policy discussions.

AllahPundit, blogger on conservative fitting Rush's "I don't want to hear from you" criteria had this to say
Rush: If you think Jindal reeked last night, I don’t want to hear from you again’s amazing that a guy who worships the Great Communicator [Ronald Reagan] and whose own net worth has reached nine digits on the strength of his communication skills would pose that as an either/or...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Barack Obama and Governor Bobby Jindal: Cool and somewhat dorky?

President Obama's first Address to Congress

President Obama addresses the nation before a joint session of Congress. In his speech focusing on the economy and the promotion of his economic agenda.

Republican Response to President Obama Address to Congress

Louisiana Gov. Jindal delivered the Republican Party response to President Obama's Address.

As I did with the last State of the Union Address, attached is an animation so you can insert your own applause for both speeches. Whilst hopes were high for Bobby Jindal's opportunity to shine. The early reviews from both sides of the aisle have not been kind.

From conservative AllahPundit of HotAir:
Video: Jindal’s “awful” rebuttal
"Awful" is Ace’s word but I’m in no mood to disagree. And neither are most HA commenters, judging from this mammoth thread. This was his star turn and he came off wooden, especially at the beginning. Oh well. His loss is the rest of the GOP governors’ gain.

From liberal John Amato of CrooksAndLiars:
Bobby Jindal's Zombie like performance uses phony Republican talking point of 'magnetic levitation' trains
Bobby Jindal walked out to the microphone with a glaze in his eyes and seemed hopped up on Red Bull as he shuffled through the Republican response speech to President Obama. If the Republican Party thinks he's their solution they are sadly mistaken.

Instead of launching his national political career, he just about ended it. Some people thought he reminded them of Kenneth from 30 Rock, but at least Kenneth has some enthusiasm.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Media Malpractice: John Ziegler VS Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer and John Ziegler talking Media Malpractice

John Ziegler is in full promotion mode as his much awaited Documentary, 'Media Malpractice: How Obama got elected and Sarah Palin was targeted' was released today. John Ziegler appeared on The Today Show, and had a typically heated exchange with Matt Lauer.

Matt Lauer tries to clarify the John Ziegler's charge
LAUER: So there was a concerted effort, in your opinion, on the part of the mainstream media, let's make sure we separate that out-
LAUER: -and I guess that would include our show here.
ZIEGLER: Certainly.
LAUER: But to tear down this person and ask different types of questions than, than we would ask or anybody would ask of other candidates.
ZIEGLER: I think the evidence is overwhelming and it's in my documentary that Sarah Palin was held to a completely different standard than Barack Obama or Joe Biden. And I think John McCain and Hillary Clinton were also held to different standards. You guys were in love with Barack Obama from very early on and it showed in every single element of the news media coverage. This is like trying to prove Barry Bonds did steroids. I mean this is, this is the easiest case in the world to prove. I can't believe I'm the only one trying to prove it.

Not quite true. Bernard Goldberg has been a longtime champion of the media bias meme, most recently in his new book 'A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media'

John Ziegler answering the charge he is a filmmaker of the Michael Moore mold
LAUER: So before I get into specifics is this a documentary in the truest form of the word or is this a documentary in the form that a Michael Moore tends to bring to the screen.
ZIEGLER: I'm no Michael Moore because I have facts and a lot less fat. So I'm no Michael Moore. But so this is a documentary that actually tells the truth about the overwhelming evidence that the media had an agenda here, Matt.

John Ziegler uses science and statistics to make his case
ZIEGLER: ... The reality is everything about Sarah Palin-, we did a poll, which you can see at, scientific poll proving that voters knew all the bad information about Sarah Palin because people like you repeated it constantly, over and over, even though you know, since you've been to her home that it's a lie that she's some sort of a moron. You know it. Come clean. Be the A-Rod of the media!
LAUER: I, I, I, I think, I think, I think your-
ZIEGLER: Come clean Matt! You can do this, right now, in front of America.
LAUER: I think, well, let me, if I were the A-Rod of the media I'd give you half the truth

Noted statistician Nate Silver, might have something to say about the veracity of Ziegler's polling methods. Read Ziegler and Silver's memorable exchange here - How Obama got Elected: John Ziegler vs. Nate Silver.

Find discussion and a partial transcript of the interview from Newsbusters - Defensive Lauer Forced to Admit Palin Not An Idiot

Barack Obama to deliver quasi State of the Union, Bobby Jindal to deliver GOP response

President Obama will be addressing a joint session of Congress for the first time in his Presidency. It will be a high profile opportunity one of the GOP's rising stars and possible Obama rival for 2012.
Obama to address joint session of Congress Feb. 24
President Barack Obama plans to address Congress for the first time on Feb. 24, five weeks after his inauguration.

White House officials say that Obama's speech to a joint session of the House and Senate will have the trappings of a State of the Union address, but it will not be considered one. His first State of the Union speech won't come until next January.
Governor Jindal to deliver the rebuttal
Louisiana governor to give high-profile GOP response to Obama
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is set to deliver the Republican response to President Obama's upcoming joint address to Congress, a high-profile slot the party often gives to one of its rising stars...
Jindal, a former congressman in his first term as Louisiana's governor, was widely believed to be on Republican presidential nominee John McCain's short list for vice president, and he often served as a campaign surrogate on the Arizona senator's behalf...
An Ivy League grad and Rhodes Scholar, and his state's first nonwhite governor, Jindal has long been on the GOP's radar screen as a potential future leader and likely presidential candidate. And as the GOP is launching full-scale efforts to appeal to nonwhite voters, Jindal has become one of the party's most high-profile minorities.
If you're noticing a theme with the speakers. As Glenn Beck reminds, we should judge with our ears and not only with our eyes.

VIDEO: Glenn Beck on color and ethnicity in politics
GLENN BECK: We have to get past this idea of what they look like, how they present themselves. Let's just please listen to their ideas. Let's decide this on who's ideas are better...

It should point out that there are many Americans like myself where color and ethnicity doesn't matter at all. We've come even farther than the media has been telling us we have...
Though its worth pointing out Glenn Beck's credentials on this matter have been questioned in the past.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ron Paul appears on Bill Maher's return show for 'Real Time'

VIDEO: Ron Paul on Real Time with Bill Maher (Feb 20, 2009)
I'll soon be doing a post on Pundits talking Armageddon, doom, gloom and the big word "Revolution!". Bill Maher recently welcomed Ron Paul as guest for 'Real Time's' first episode for 2009. Ron Paul was the popular Presidential hopeful who ran a valiant but ultimately unsuccessful platform of "Revolution" in 2008.

Go to Ron Paul's bio on his official site
Go to Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty site

Stephen Colbert's Oscar Prediction - "Mickey Rourke won't win?"

Mickey Rourke, the legendary actor who has reignited his career with the independent movie 'The Wrestler' is widely tipped as the favourite for this year's Best Actor Academy Award. Stephen Colbert with his customary predictions doesn't agree. Or does he?

The DaColbert Code - Oscar Predictions

STEPHEN COLBERT: Daniel Day Lewis, Emmanuel Lewis, Rahm Emanuel, CD Rom, Seedy Hotel, Elliot Spitzer, Elliot, "ET phone home", homosexual, gay rights, gay rights activist Harvey Milk played by Sean Penn... no no I won't have it, Penn, pen, pen writing words, writing the words, writing the words.. Mickey Rourke will win for 'The Wrestler'

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Joy Behar VS Ann Coulter: One on One on Larry King live

Joy Behar filling in for Larry King, hosted Ann Coulter

This is a rematch between Joy Behar and Ann Coulter, you'll remember Ann appeared on 'The View' promoting her latest book a few months ago. You might think this encounter would be more combustible as the most controversial and incorrigible representatives of the left (Joy) and right (Ann) are Mano-a-mano. Thankfully the long-form format coupled with Joy being the humble fill-in on behalf of Larry King leads to a muted, less theatrical showdown than it could have been.

Joy Behar and Ann Coulter talking about Rush Limbaugh
CNN Larry King Live transcript
Interview With Ann Coulter - Aired February 19, 2009
BEHAR: But I'm not that into somebody who filibusters like that. I like a conversation.
COULTER: You don't listen to him. How do you know he filibusters?
BEHAR: Because I worked with him for three years and I know what he does.
BEHAR: I used to work with him in the early '90s. I had a radio show on WABC Radio.
COULTER: OK. So from 20 years ago, you have decided you know that he is an extremist? BEHAR: I see him all the time. I know...
COULTER: When he has 20 million listeners.
BEHAR: I know his routine. I know his rap.

Ann Coulter on Love and hate
BEHAR: Do you think that people hate you?
COULTER: No. Not when I have seven "New York Times" best-sellers. No, I'm -- I'm very popular.
BEHAR: But you -- no, you can't have everybody love you. Not everybody loves you, Ann. People think that...
COULTER: You asked me if people hated me...
BEHAR: But you said because you sell books that makes you people -- that makes you think that people love you...
COULTER: I said that indicates to me that they do not hate me, which was the question, Joy.

Friday, February 20, 2009

LA Times and Huffington Post: Cenk Uygur and Sam Seder fans lobby MSNBC

cenk uygur, sam seder, msnbc, air america, young turks
Cenk Uygur and Sam Seder lobby MSNBC
The LA Time did a comprehensive feature on the furious lobbying for the reported opening of a timeslot on MSNBC programming. The lobbying has been organised by the grassroots fans and the aspiring talkers themselves. Agents are on the phone, fans are inundating inboxes and supporters are stuffing the polls in the hope of getting their favourite pundit an enviable TV spot.
MSNBC viewers lobby for a liberal host
The grass-roots campaigns were triggered by the news that the cable channel (MSNBC) is contemplating creating a new show for its 7 p.m. time slot, currently occupied by a repeat of "Countdown With Keith Olbermann." That prompted the launch of independent Facebook groups extolling the merits of two radio hosts: Cenk Uygur of the Internet show "The Young Turks" and Sam Seder of Air America...
Anyone who has been listening to Sam Seder's or Cenk Uygur's programming will be aware of the full court press the hosts and their fans have been putting into scoring this coveted spot.

Huffington Post does an exhaustive report on the campaign's run by the two front-runners, Sam Seder and Cenk Uygur
Progressive Hosts Vie For MSNBC's 10PM Slot
With MSNBC announcing that it was looking to fill its 10PM time slot with original broadcasting, two prominent self-avowed liberals are positioning themselves for the post.

Cenk Uygur, of the Young Turks Show, and Sam Seder, who headed a popular eponymous show on Air America, aren't taking the traditional route to the recently announced opening. Rather than rise through the cable news structure, they are using new media tools to organize their supporters and put pressure on MSNBC brass. In Uygur's case, the effort is billed as an election-year style campaign (think: Barack Obama meets "30 Rock.")
In case you're wondering why Marc Maron (Sam Seder's current co-host) isn't mentioned amongst the contenders. Marc recently offered this insight on a recent show.
MARON: Look at you getting dressed up for your boyfriends at MSNBC
SEDER: Who me?
MARON: I can’t be talking about me. Noone even – I’m not even in the running. Apparently Keith Olbermann thinks I’m crazy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Al Franken: American Pundit really fighting

Working on the premise that punditry is not unlike pro-wrestling, I've been of the mind that the animosity pundits express for each other and their ideological opponents was more theatrical than heartfelt.

wolf sheepdog sam ralph, pundits, cross fireWhilst arguments can seem heated and the barbs pointed, the jousts are usually verbal and often conducted in the comfort and solace of a radio booth or TV stage. The cartoonish theatrics, the formulaic stances, coupled with the fact that pundits rarely cross paths tends to make me think that conflicts are "all in a day's work" rather than rooted in personal hatred. The political equivalent to loyal opponents 'Wolf and Sheepdog' from the Warner Brothers cartoons.

Whilst there have been rivalries in punditry before, only one person boasts this storied a record for confronting ideological opponents physically in real life.

Al Franken has a history of getting into confrontations with people he disagrees with. Highlights include his famed takedown of a Howard Dean heckler and most recently a post debate staredown with fellow Senate hopeful, Republican Norm Coleman.

VIDEO: Al Franken confronts Norm Coleman after debate

Al Franken isn't afraid to get in someone's face, by his own admission. In his 2004 book, 'Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them', Franken gleefully recounts altercations with Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Brian Kilmeade, Rich Lowry, Karl Rove and even Barbara Bush.

In a chapter titled "I challenge Rich Lowry to a fight" Al provides an insight in to why he's ready to fight.
I caught Rich talking... to some College Republicans. He was saying that Democrats had "feminized" politics. In fact, by making it okay for politicians to cry, Lowry said that we Democrats had "sissified" politics.
Al tracked down Rich and proceeded to challenge him to a fight over the phone. Rich did not immediately take Al up on his offer, asking if he could sleep on it.
Al continues
Later that, I happened to tell my son, Joe, about the call. He thought it was a bad idea. "Dad, if he turns you down, he's going to feel like a total wimp."
"That's the point, son. I couldn't allow him to challenge the manhood of Democrats."...
In the book, Al dedicates entire chapters challenging individual pundits. Rebutting assertions they've made on TV or in their books. Franken punctuating each of these chapter by detailing an amusing (often confrontational) encounter had with the challenged subject.

On Al Franken's encounter with Sean Hannity
When I first met Hannity, I had no idea who the hell he was. It was in 1996, in a green room at Fox News. I had just finished my first appearance on The Factor... and was about to pick up my coat when I was confronted by what appeared to be an angry, Irish ape-man...
Al was promoting his book 'Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot', Sean Hannity didn't care for the book title and it's tone. Quarrelling over an insult Rush Limbaugh supposedly directed to then 13yr old Chelsea Clinton, things got heated
For some reason, that set me off, and before long we were screaming at each other. I had never in my life hated a person more than I hated Sean Hannity at that moment. Finally, Colmes broke us up, and I left, shaking my head. Who was that asshole?
Franken recounts numerous stories like this in his book. One particular chapter titled "I attend the White House Correspondents Dinner and Annoy Karl Rove, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and the entire Fox News Team" has Franken aptly describing multiple showdowns.

Describing his confrontation with Fox News' Brian Kilmeade
There we were, face to face, two fierce men: one about thirty and in very good shape; the other fifty-one with chronic back pain. A classic standoff.
Al's taunt to then deputy secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz
"Hi, Dr Wolfowitz. Hey, the Clinton military did a great job in Iraq, didn't it?"
He looked at me a couple of seconds, then said "Fuck you".
Whilst it's undeniable that Franken isn't afraid to fight. His comedic disposition makes him comes off more as a prankster than a pugilist. Someone who doesn't mind heated repartee or an awkward encounter if its in the service of a laugh or getting a new story to tell.

When two people are facing off but both are in on the joke, you could argue it's just like pro-wrestling. However if those same two people face off and only one person is taking it as a joke, you'd simply call it fighting.

Exit note:
In my conversation with the late great Dean Barnett, he did argue that it can be real at times. Describing it thusly, "It wasn’t a shtick. It wasn’t an act. It was sort of like if you went to a wrestling locker room and they were still fighting."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pundits and Comedians - Louis CK, Jackie Mason and Eugene Mirman

Punditry and Comedy go hand in hand. Comedians have traditionally been society's most incisive, outspoken and accessible voices. Comedy historically providing refuge and relief for the masses in times of prosperity or peril. You could argue that Comedy illuminates issues whilst making people laugh. Whereas Punditry illuminates whilst making people angry. Perverse entertainment.

A considerable number of the APF roster is made up of comedians: Marc Maron, Sam Seder, Janeane Garofalo, Al Franken, Pete Dominick, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Stephanie Miller and Bill Maher. Some independents but the majority left leaning. You can read a full accounting of past professions for today's pundits here - The road to punditry (Part 1 of 2)

So far the APF doesn't have any Conservative comedian pundits (that will soon change). Though people will argue that Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are comedians . The most prominent comedian conservative is likely Dennis Miller, most notable for his regular 'Miller Time' segments with Bill O'Reilly.

Another prominent conservative comedian is Jackie Mason. Though not officially a pundit, he has reinvented himself as a political commentator. Releasing a political book in 2008, crisply titled 'Schmucks!: Our Favorite Fakes, Frauds, Lowlifes, Liars, the Armed and Dangerous, and Good Guys Gone Bad'. Jackie appeared with numerous radio talkers to promote it, including Mark Levin and liberal Cenk Uygur of the 'Young Turks'.

Mason expresses his political opinion via his blog and YouTube channel.
VIDEO: Jackie Mason - Obama wants to Stimulate Everything but the economy

Mark Levin to start his February 13th show, recently featured a funny clip between comedian Louis CK and Conan O'Brien to kick off the show. Mark Levin used the bit the segue into how the left dwell in misery and take what liberty has given them for granted.
Mark Levin on Louis CK's bit
There was a great segment on the Conan O'Brien show back in December. Our hat tip to the National Review's The Corner... We've talked about this before, the wonderful things we have access to that makes our lives better... and yet we complain about it all the time... one of the reasons is the left wants you unhappy all the time... While what he's saying is very funny. It's very true...

This comedian said it very, very well. We have to cut through the non stop negative attacks on this society that we hear from the liberal media and the liberal politician. We have to cherish our freedom and all that it provides us. Because if we didn't have it what a disaster that would be.
- Listen to the February 13th Mark Levin show

Watch video of the comedy routine Mark Levin was referencing,
VIDEO: Louis C.K with Conan O'Brien on modern life

For those interested in Comedy, Sam Seder and Marc Marc Maron's show 'Break Room Live' has been featuring comedic guests and friends this past week. Notably Eugene Mirman and of Kristen Schaal, best known for starring in HBO's Flight of the Conchords.
- Listen to the 'Eugene Mirman' episode (Feb 11)
- Listen to the 'Kristen Schaal' episode (Feb 13)

Hosts Marc Maron and Sam Seder are comedians themselves with many comedian friends. Their programming is a reliable source for comedic guests. Previous guests have included Sarah Silverman, David Cross, Louis CK, Dave Chappelle and Sam's old co-host Janeane Garofalo.

- Read Dennis Miller's bio
- Read Jackie Mason's bio
- Read Louis CK's bio
- Read Eugene Mirman's bio
- Go to Kristen Schaal's myspace page

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wallpaper: Pundit Fight Wall of Fame

American Pundit Fighting proudly presents its latest wallpaper featuring signage from the entire Pundit Fight roster. From Stephen Colbert to Bill O'Reilly. Laura Ingraham to Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh to Al Franken.

Pundit Fight: Wall of Fame
wallpaper, pundit, daily show, colbert, limbaugh, hannity, stewart, beck, ingraham, franken
- APF Pundit Wallpaper (1024 x 768)
- APF Pundit Wallpaper (800 x 600)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hugh Hewitt sounds off on Republican leaders and fellow conservative pundits

Pundits will rarely attack members off their own party. When they do, it is usually strategic. Some gamesmanship to get them to see the light or perhaps draw attention to get ratings. Even when the attack seems personal or a form of catharsis there is often a method to the madness. Admittedly there are rare occasions when ideological familiars inadvertently butt heads.

Rush Limbaugh by attacking Republicans in Washington, stiffened their spines to fight against the Democrats but also cow them with his influence. Whilst boosting his exposure with the media attention.

Hugh Hewitt in a recent segment off his show, went on a tirade against Republican leaders in California, local Conservative Radio talkers and on one of the biggest conservative pundits in America. The attacks weren't threaded by any particular political theme but could best best described as "things that were p*ssing Hugh off that day".

The strategy in this case was to marginalise conservative representatives in media and government that Hugh deemed hurt the Conservative brand. That may be so but the tirade is the best example I've seen of a pundit calling people of his own party out just cause he felt like it.

Hugh Hewitt attacking California Senator Cogdill
Any republican votes for this, their dooming the party. Just absolutely dooming the party... What did Dave Cogdill say?
Why [won't he come on]. He's too busy! They will not talk to the voters of California. He's finished! He oughta quit. He came out broken and bloodied like a loser in the gladiator battle earlier on. "I did the best I could" (putting on meek voice). You know how you'd do better? Leave. Just leave! Run away. We would be much better off if you run away. That's what the Republicans are right now. They're dead.
Hugh segues into a rant against local Conservative talkers, John and Ken
You know what also makes me crazy? Driving home last night listening to the knuckleheads on a different station, John and Ken the pot and pan bangers... and they're screaming and I think to myself "You Idiots! You dummies." You spend your whole life screaming about illegals. All they ever do is scream about illegals and they're surprised when a Democratically dominated legislature raises taxes. It's like they never got the memo. Democrats raise taxes you knuckleheads and they spend their whole time attacking Republicans.

Now I'm mad at the Republicans right now because they folded up like a cheap suit. But when you hear the pot and pan bangers. The morons on these radio stations who - surprise, surprise - the Democrats are raising taxes. You wonder where they've been all their lives. I know they're not educated...
Hugh ends his tirade, sounding off on popular Conservative talker Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter drives me crazy!
Listen to Hugh Hewitt's tirade from his February 12, 2009 show here - H2: Norm Coleman, James Lileks With Hugh Hewitt

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sam Seder to MSNBC? Help a pundit get his own TV show

One of the most popular pundits in the APF, Sam Seder is asking for your support.

sam seder, desk, liberal, air america
Hey MSNBC - Bring Sam Seder To 10:00PM ET
My Fellow Americans,

In the next few weeks MSNBC is going to choose a new host for their 10:00 PM slot-the spot right after Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann.

Some of my listeners have suggested I would be a good candidate to take that slot. I'm saying to myself, "What the hell, Obama says we need some stimulus. Maybe I can help." So, to gauge support for the idea I'm inviting you to join a Facebook group...

Once you join the group you'll get updates about how else you can help.

It is important to have more progressive voices challenging the Right and the establishment media.

I'm already getting endorsement statements that will help me build a
fan base. Here are some examples:

"It doesn't say anywhere in the Constitution this idea of the separation of church and state."
-Sean Hannity

"I am addicted to prescription pain medication."
- Rush Limbaugh...

You can also show your support through these outlets
- Media Bistro
- Atrios
- MyDD
- The Randi Rhodes Show
- The Huffington Post

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

President Obama, a change from George W Bush

How you ask? In a Town Hall meeting at Elkhart, Indiana. Barack Obama showed two reasons why he is different to former President George W Bush.
1) He's not afraid to admit his mistakes
2) He's up for a beer, with his critics no less.
President Bush was known for not admitting his faults (until the very end) and for giving up alcohol.

VIDEO: President Obama admits when he's wrong
Now There's Change: Obama takes a question from a Hannity fan
But having said that, what I did acknowledge -- and I said it publicly on just about every TV station -- is something that you probably sometimes don't hear from politicians, which is: I made a mistake. (Applause.) And that, because I don't want to send the signal that they're two sets of rules.

Now, understand, though, I think something that should also be mentioned is that we've set up an unprecedented set of ethics rules in my White House
2) VIDEO: Obama entertaining a beer with Sean Hannity
Now, with respect to Sean Hannity, I didn't know that he had invited me for a beer. (Laughter.) But I will take that under advisement. (Laughter.) Generally, his opinion of me does not seem to be very high -- (laughter) -- but I'm always good for a beer, so -- (laughter and applause.)
After putting Rush Limbaugh "over" the last few weeks, it looks like President Obama has restarted his program with Sean Hannity.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ann Coulter: "Political discourse resembles professional wrestling"

Many people have arrived at the analogy that Politics and Punditry is not unlike pro-wrestling. Wrestlers interested in Politics have come to this conclusion, just ask Don "Cyrus" Callis and the legendary Mick Foley. Politicos interested in wrestling have observed likewise, see Marc Ambinder.

So do pundits see themselves as wrestlers? Arguably the most wrestler-like pundit of them all, Ann Coulter seems to think so.
In her book 'Slander' she writes"
Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right. (2002) by Ann Coulter
Political "debate" in this country is insufferable. Whether conducted in Congress, on the political talk shows, or played out at dinners and cocktail parties, politics is a nasty sport...

Instead of actual debate about ideas and issues with real consequences, the country is trapped in a political discourse that increasingly resembles professional wrestling.
Her observation seemingly delivered without the slightest hint of irony was not surprisingly pounced on by her detractors.

Fellow wrestling pundit, Al Franken mentions this quote verbatim in his own book. Countering with
Lies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them): A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right (2003) by Al Franken
So what is Coulter's contribution to civilizing our political discourse? Well, in the entire 206 pages, she never actually makes a case for any conservative issue. Not school vouchers, not supply-side tax cuts... The entire book is filled with distortions, factual errors and vicious invective - slander, if you will...
Sarah Augusto in a review for Political Research site '' offer this assessment of Ann Coulter
A Review of Ann Coulter’s Slander!
If political debate in the United States is the World Wrestling Federation, then Ann Coulter is the SmackDown champion. Slander consists of little more than an angry tirade against all things liberal expressed through sarcastic, inflammatory, and often misleading language. For someone so concerned with the quality of political debate, it is interesting that Coulter seems more concerned with bashing liberals and glorifying conservatives than presenting rational, coherent arguments.
Bryan Keefer in a 'Slander' book review first published in Salon Magazine reservedly agrees with Ann
Throwing the book at her
she derides "arguments by demonization" and argues that "lies and personal attacks are deeply corrosive of public debate and democratic compromises." She correctly observes that perceptions and falsehoods promulgated in the media have a self-reinforcing quality... But given how she herself uses these tactics throughout the book, even Coulter's more astute observations raise obvious charges of hypocrisy.

Yet Slander's sales, alongside those of Coulter's political opposite, Michael Moore, reveal something sad and important about the state of the country: Those with a talent for inflammatory rhetoric rather than facts have their fingers on the pulse of contemporary political debate.
Other links:
- Politics is wrestling, Quote roundup: Ann Coulter, Jon Stewart, Mick Foley, Marc Ambinder, Matt Lewis, Wyatt Cenac, Mick Foley

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rush Limbaugh explaining 'How Talk Radio Works'

VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh candidly explains his formula for Talk Radio success

I've transcribed the entire clip as it is a very instructive and candid accounting of Rush Limbaugh's formula for success. Spoken by the master himself. It's a fascinating interview as Rush Limbaugh volunteers his entire playbook, revealing someone self-aware and enjoys what he's doing. It challenges the image projected by Rush now, of someone who rarely allows access except for friends and the most prestigious of outlets. The interview was conducted by Miggs B of Connecticut Public Access Television.

Transcript: Rush Limbaugh on his formula for Talk Radio success
Rush Limbaugh on getting people mad
You know what amazes me though, can I be honest with you about something? You're going all the way back to Walter Winchell. We have people on the radio and TV, we can go down the list of people who are there for one reason only and that is to make you mad. And the formula for making you, the viewer or the listener mad hasn't changed a bit yet people keep falling for it. It amazes me.
Rush Limbaugh on the 'law of averages'
A lot of people, anytime I have found that when you express an opinion. Half the people who hear it are going to disagree with you by law of averages. If you embellish the opinion with confidence and cockiness then you're getting into generating hatred and so forth. A lot of people would love to be confident in the way they think. Most people aren't. Most people are trepid about their opinions and if they are subjected to, someone like myself who is not. It tends to offend them but the key is knowing that nobody can get everybody to like them.

Keeping in mind the law of averages indicate that half the people aren't going to like you are still going to find a way to get the people who don't like you to enjoy the program. ad that is really the key to finding the entertainment value that the program contains.
Rush Limbaugh on WABC and investing in callers
I believe that people turn on the radio to be entertained, to be entertained, to be entertained. No matter what they're turning it on for, whatever kind of programming. It has to entertain them. Callers are like records on a top music station. You play the Top Ten. You don't take bad calls. You don't just sit there and open the lines. OK what do you want to talk about.

When you invest in callers you're whole hope or you're whole chance for success fails. You've got to lead them. You can't get along without them. I don't mean to disparage them. You can't let them control the show. And that's the difference between WABC. For the longest time, the people who have worked there and some of them who still do. Simply just open the phone lines and deal with what they get so people are used to calling WABC and making speeches about whatever else.
Rush Limbaugh on his job at hand
I want people to call because they are reacting to what's happening on my program. Not what happened yesterday on somebody else's. Not what happened on the guy before me. If I'm not stirring them up and that doesn't mean being negative and pounding them. if I'm not making them compelled to call, I'm not doing my job that's the way I look at it.

I set myself up as the expert. I want to be the reason people listen in to my program. They way I react to the guests, the way things might happen on my program. The things I might say and the things I might do.
I mean I never have guests. I never do interviews. And most -- a lot of what I do on radio requires people's imagination to be fruitful
Rush Limbaugh on being dictated by callers
I discovered your technique. You start out by saying "tell me a little bit about yourself". You let the guests start off and run. Now if the guest jogs or crawls then its tough. Then you have a good guest like me. One who realises the entertainment value that needs to be on a show like this. I'll be glad to kick it off and start it.

See there are bad callers, but in the final analysis their aren't. They are only bad
if you're not doing your job (directed at interviewer) or I'm not doing mine.
Rush Limbaugh on performance
All I'm trying to do is grab people's attention for what I say and I know that they're going to be so mad hearing the song that it's going to take a while before they start hearing the message. But that's OK. I'm prepared for it to take a long time. The bottom line is for them to get the message. The whole thing here is that a lot of people say "Do you really believe the stuff you say." (puts on voice), "I don't know that's for you to figure out"
Rush' frank discussion of his methods and intentions, as well as his ability to shape and confuse the perception of reality I've seen elsewhere in two other crafts - Performance art and Wrestling.

VIDEO: Artist Shepard Fairey (best known for the iconic Obama image)
talks about his craft

Wrestler 'Edge' on committing to a "villainous" character to win over audiences
Edge Interview, Edge on Christian Cage returning to WWE
Q: I think one of the things that is amazing about where your career is now is that you have found a way where people truly hate you.
EDGE: It can actually be very easy. All the person has to want to do is actually be hated. You can be hated if you want to be hated. If you have no part of you that wants to do a cool move, that wants to get any kind of a positive reaction, that wants to out wrestle the babyface. You have to throw all of that out the window. You always have to look worse... As long as you don’t mind doing those things... I realized how easy it can be because that was my mentality. I wanted no redeeming qualities whatsoever. And it’s easy to do that, easy for people to buy into that. You just have to really commit to it.

Fox News: Glenn Beck with Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin

Fox News' latest addition Glenn Beck has made quite a splash in recent weeks. Below are two posts from liberal blog 'Crooks and Liars' and conservative blog 'Hot Air' headlined by Glenn Beck.
Video: Glenn Beck on with Laura Ingraham

Beck-Ingraham duet on Fox: Incoherent ideological babble has the ring of Newspeak
- by David Neiwert from CrooksandLiars
I dunno about you, but I blame Jonah Goldberg for Friday's exchange between dueling wingnuts Laura Ingraham and Glenn Beck -- in which Ingraham came off looking really sane in comparison:
"BECK: We are really, truly, stepping beyond socialism and we're starting to look at fascism. We are putting business and government together!

INGRAHAM: Glenn, you're throwing a lot of terms around, and I'm going to play devil's advocate, because this is fair and balanced. Now, moving from socialism to communism, that's, that's a pretty big leap -- socialism, obviously, the economic system, communism the political system..."

Can you tell whether they're talking about fascism, socialism, or communism? Or are these all just basically one big mushy concept to Beck? This kind of incoherence-unto-meaninglessness is indeed the hallmark of Goldberg's work on these subjects.

Video: Glenn Beck - The Road to Socialism

The reddest red-meat roundtable evah
- by AllahPundit of HotAir
The boss (Michelle Malkin), Glenn Beck, Star Parker, and a guy who used to lead the Club for Growth, egging each other on about how new entitlements lead inevitably to socialism? Good lord. Toss in a few exchanges about Palin and Darwinism and this would be the greatest Hot Air clip of all time.

I can only assume that, with Colmes gone, the Foxies have decided to abandon all pretense and dump the liberal panelists, too. Farewell, Bob Beckel, we hardly knew ye!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Andrew Wilkow versus the college students of Hofstra University

During the third Presidential Debate at Hofstra University between John McCain and Barack Obama, another left VS right showdown was also taking place.
Sirius XM to provide special coverage of third and final Presidential Debate
Sirius XM Radio is broadcasting today live from the campus of Hofstra University, the site of the final US Presidential debate.

The event will be headlined by a post-debate simulcast of political channels Sirius Patriot (ch 144) and Sirius Left (ch 146), where hosts Andrew Wilkow and Alex Bennett will preside over a post-debate 'town hall' discussion with Hofstra students.
Below are some notable quotes from the event and audio of Andrew Wilkow sparring with Hofstra University students.
Listen to Andrew Wilkow at the Town hall meeting in Hofstra University - Clip 1 and Clip 2

Wilkow explaining the night's Town Hall format and flexing his muscle
I apologize for being to good at this. It was kind of unfair... the intention was that Alex Bennett and I were suppose to moderate comments and questions from students more directed at each other than directly at us. And of course then I became Public Enemy #1. Like I said it was a couple of hundred liberals VS one conservative. Which was not fair they should have brought more liberals.
Wilkow on standing up for your principles
I do not blame these college kids. I do not blame them personally. I blame the system that is indoctrinating them. I blame the sewer pipe of refuse that is being pumped into their heads on a day to day basis. What's fascinating about Liberals VS conservative in principles and debate. And I'm not personally attacking Alex Bennet but when you look at the foolishness of the room. You have two choices, you could either stand up and let the fools boo you but remain steadfast in your belief or you could try to appeal to the foolishness...
Wilkow on dealing with a hostile crowd
What are you shaking your head at? You like that? The kid just shakes his head at me. I know I win and an angel gets his wings whenever there's that moment of silence
Wilkow on the hubris of youth
All of us at some point can admit to ourselves that when when we were 18, 19, 20 years old. We didn't have the exact firmest grasp on everything... But do you hear the powerful condescension minus substance and understanding?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin invited to speak at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference)

Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are arguably the two most popular and polarising conservative figures in America today. Both seen as the defacto leaders of the GOP and removed from Washington. Palin, a first term Governor for Alaska. Rush, an influential radio talker with a listernership of 20 million.

Whilst they are both formidable in their grassroots appeal. Liberal pundits and strategists may be willing to accept Limbaugh and Palin as Defacto leaders of the GOP as it allows them to paint a "controversial and extreme" face for the GOP.
On Rush Limbaugh as the Defacto Head of the Republican Party
"Rush is a double-edged sword, he cuts both ways" said Phil Musser, a Republican consultant and former executive director of the Republican Governors Association. "Sometimes you love him, sometimes you cringe at his impolitic (he'd say honest) fusillados."

John Weaver, a former senior aide to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), said that Republicans must be careful not to allow their Democratic rivals to paint them all with the brush of Limbaugh.

"The Democrats and the far left will do all they can to grab electoral turf," said Weaver. "And one sure way to do it is take some of the most controversial voices on the extreme right -- like Limbaugh and [Alaska Gov. Sarah] Palin -- and try to insist they speak for all members of the center/right movement."
The annual (Conservative Political Action Conference) CPAC conference's speaker list has been a traditional measure of the most influential voices for Conservatism. Once again despite attempts to marginalise them, Talk Radio remains a powerful voice for conservatives. Based on their placement on the schedule, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are Conservatism's proud marquee names.
Rush Limbaugh, Joe Scarborough, and Sarah Palin to Speak at CPAC
The annual CPAC convention of conservatives is expected to be a sellout because two huge names are coming to deliver red-meat speeches: Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.
Other notable pundits invited to speak include:
- Joe Scarborough
- Tucker Carlson
- Ann Coulter
- Michell Malkin
- Glenn Beck
- John Ziegler

Prominent politicians include, GOP Presidential contenders, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul
- Download the schedule of events here for CPAC 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Movers and Shakers: Where are Pundits like Hannity, Maddow, Beck and Garofalo headed for 2009

In case you're wondering what to expect from you're favourite pundits for 2009. Below is a listing of the changes, promotions and movements surrounding the roster of APF pundits.

Janeane Garofalo starring in '24'
Janeane Garofalo joins '24', the series thriller known for its 'conservative' portrayal of Washington and it's handling of terrorism. Interestingly Janeane's previous medium-term acting gig was for the 'West Wing', a show that portrayed Washington though a liberal reality.
Time right for Garofalo on '24'
Actress-comedian Janeane Garofalo, an outspoken liberal, is set to co-star on the conservative-leaning real-time drama, whose co-creator/executive producer Joel Surnow jokingly describes himself as a "right-wing nut job."
Former CNN pundit, Glenn Beck defects to Fox News
Fox News Hires Glenn Beck Away From CNN
The Fox News Channel brought in a big name from a rival Thursday when it announced that it had signed Glenn Beck, the host of a widely viewed talk show on Headline News, a sister network of CNN.

Mr. Beck, who has frequently raised hackles in liberal circles with his acerbic conservative commentary, will host a new talk hour on Fox News from 5 to 6 p.m. weeknights.
Sam Seder and Marc Maron officially return to a full time schedule on Air America Radio
After playing with an upstart video format for a year. Sam and Marc's intimate video show - 'Maron V Seder' got picked up by AirAmerica in the months leading up to the Presidential Election as an 'internet only' live video program. The program has since been renamed 'Break Room Live' and backed with the full production values of Air America continues as an ongoing program.
About BREAK ROOM LIVE will also be home to exclusive on-demand video content from Marc and Sam. Along with a fully interactive blog, Marc and Sam will provide with interviews, political discussions, and irreverent comedy that can’t be seen anywhere else.
John Gibson no longer on TV but his radio show is retained by Fox News
So, What's The (Big) Story With John Gibson?
Last night, faux newsman Stephen Colbert had a send up of real newsman John Gibson of FNC, saying "the network announced that it is canceling the Big Story."
At the time, John Gibson's show was removed to make way for Election season programming - 'America's Election Headquarters'. The timeslot has since been allocated for Glenn Beck's new program.

Tucker Carlson no longer has a show but remains a contributor to MSNBC
Tucker Canceled; Other Programming Changes Ahead
Insiders tell TVNewser Tucker Carlson's 6pmET show Tucker is getting the axe, but Carlson stays on as a political contributor to all MSNBC shows at least through the 2008 election.
MSNBC's Chief White House correspondent, David Gregory assumed Tucker Carlson's former timeslot.

Stephen Colbert honours John Gibson and Tucker Carlson in a satirical segment devoted to Elliot Spitzer

STEPHEN COLBERT: But as the saying goes John Gibson, Tucker Carlson and prostitution scandals come in threes...
Rachel Maddow's role refocuses her radio presence as her TV star rises
Maddow rechannels energy at Air America
During the election last year, Maddow established herself as one of the big three at MSNBC, which had its best run ever, with her show following Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann.

But she was a charter host on Air America in March 2004, so she and the radio network have now figured out a way to give her an ongoing presence there.

She has dropped her daily evening show on Air America, but will "provide content" for an hour-long morning program, largely built on her MSNBC show of the previous evening.

The problem, says Maddow, is that something had to give...
[Sean] Hannity and [Alan] Colmes part ways
Hannity and Colmes no longer. Who will Hannity face next?
After a remarkable twelve year run, Alan Colmes is set to leave FOX News Channel's top-rated Hannity & Colmes at the end of the year, according to key sources...
Sean Hannity has the timeslot to himself and is rating very well thus far. Alan Colmes remains a FoxNews contributor and continues to host 'The Alan Colmes show' syndicated by Fox News Radio.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Media Malpractice: John Ziegler appears on 'The View'

John Ziegler appears on 'The View' to talk about his new documentary - 'How Obama Got Elected'

In wrestling "heel heat" is the reaction a villain character receives from the audience - usually animosity. This stems from the provocative actions and objectionable aura the heel (villain) character exudes. "Heel heat" is often present on ABC's 'The View' when Conservative guests appear. Whilst 'View' co-host Joy Behar exhibits heel-like qualities herself due to her brash and insistent cheap shots, she enjoys home court advantage which blunts any "heat". In fact she often receives the opposite of "heat", known as a "pop" through supportive crowd applause.

John Ziegler was the most recent Conservative guest on 'The View'. During the promotional tour for his documentary slated for release in 3 weeks, much has been made about Ziegler's combustible personality. Not surprisingly Ziegler's sitdown with the ladies of 'The View' was loud and heated but interestingly it was John who displayed the most composure. Finding himself stuck in the crossfire between Joy and Elisabeth and being prodded by Barbara Walters.

Perhaps it's a mark of a good heel? When Ann Coulter was on 'The View', she was dishing out and taking a lot of the abuse. For John, his mere presence created a climate that made everyone around him more abusive and confrontational. But perhaps it wasn't John Ziegler who was getting the "heel heat" It might have actually been directed at Sarah Palin, John Ziegler simply became the proxy. You be the judge.

Read previous John Ziegler posts here:
- How Obama got Elected: John Ziegler vs. David Schuster
- How Obama got Elected: John Ziegler vs. Nate Silver

Watch how "heel heat" looks in wrestling,
Video: Vickie Guerrero and Vladimir Kozlov booed on WWE's Smackdown

No Stimulus and "Speaking Democrat": A Primer by Congressman Thaddeus McCotter

There has been a lot of debate in Washington over President Obama's stimulus package, a larger supplement to the George W Bush stimulus packages signed in his closing year in office.

The Obama Administration, with its emphasis on post-partisanship and "change" hopes to leave behind the cheap political point scoring and ideological name calling. At it's height during the Presidential campaign seasons in 04' and 08' and ever present for George W Bush' 8 years in office. Creating a climate that infers America has shifted from a 'Terrorist' Presidency to a 'Socialist' one.

That "hope" of a new tone may be short lived as the minority House Republicans unanimously opposed the Stimulus bill. Despite attempts by President Obama to foster a less divisive climate in Washington.

A great example of the type of division and apprehension politicians from opposite sides have for each other is demonstrated in this video featuring Republican Congressman Thaddeus McCotter from Michigan.
VIDEO: Speaking Democrat - A Primer by Rep. McCotter
"Speaking Democrat: A Primer" (transcript)
THADDEUS McCOTTER: We're going to learn how to speak Democrat today...

We hear the word change which means the 1970's. Democrats will bring you change. Translation, Democrats will bring you the 1970's.

Government means socialism. Democrats support proactive government. Translation, Democrats support proactive socialism.

Enhance revenues translates into raise taxes. Democrats will enhance revenues. Translation, Democrats will raise taxes.

This is my favorite part. The rich means you. For example, Democrats will only tax the rich. Translation, Democrats will only tax you. Ouch.
The congressman providing a tongue-in-cheek lesson on the rhetoric used by his liberal colleagues. Whilst certainly exercised for comedic effect. Its the type of ribbing usually delivered in the form of chain emails, cheekily forwarded to colleagues to aggravate or amuse. Not something to be acted on the House floor with props. McCotter's promo was done in 2008 when Obama's promise of post partisanship was still a campaign slogan and not a Presidential decree.

It's reminiscent of the parody segments in Wrestling, where wrestlers use excessive amounts of ring time to stage elaborate stunts and mocking displays to aggravate their opponents and escalate feuds. Not as immediate or substantial as a face to face staredown with an opponent, or a direct exchange of words and fists. More a psychological taunt.

VIDEO: DX parody 'The Corporation'

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl 43 picks: Pundits Keith Olbermann and Rush Limbaugh

superbowl 43, arizona cardinals, pittsburgh steelers , limbaugh, olbermann
Super Bowl XLIII: Tampa Bay 02/01/09
I can safely say noone is interested in much else today but Superbowl 43 - between the heavily favoured Pittsburgh Steelers and the surprising Arizona Cardinals, who are making their first appearance in the big game.

To get in on the action I've brought Superbowl predictions from two marquee APF pundits. Representing the left and the right, the two who arguably know the most about sports - Keith Olbermann and Rush Limbaugh.

In 2003, Rush Limbaugh had a short lived career as a weekly analyst for ESPN's 'Sunday NFL Countdown'. Keith Olbermann's major start in punditry was as co-host for ESPN's SportsCenter. He since moved on to pointed political opinion on his news show 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' but still has sporting duties as co host of NBC's Football Night in America

Rush Limbaugh's pick for Superbowl 43 - Steelers
Rush & The Hutch Talk Super Bowl
RUSH: Well, I'm going to tell you what I think, my brother.
RUSH: I think blowout 34-10 Steelers.

RUSH: And I'll tell you what. I think it's the job of the NFL and the writers to hype every Super Bowl game for audience to make sure that each team is portrayed as having a legitimate shot. We are talking... Ahem. You know, and I love Arizona, don't misunderstand. John McCain lives there, but I still love Arizona.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)
RUSH: We're talking about a team that has never been there. I don't see this seven, ten-point victory by the Arizona Cardinals over a legendary National Football League franchise.
Keith Olbermann's pick for Superbowl 43 - Steelers
Celebrity picks for the Super Bowl
KEITH OLBERMANN: The Steelers, fairly profoundly. Arizona has thus far beaten up an Atlanta team that was only just jelling as the regular season closed, and staved off a Philly team that was as dead as Jacob Marley's ghost the day McNabb was benched. Pittsburgh has been the real deal all year. Then again, I said the Falcons would crush them. And then I said the Eagles would crush them. Can I just re-submit my Giants pick from last year?