Saturday, September 7, 2013

'The Obama Deception' documentary: Jesse Ventura says American Politics is "Identical to Pro-wrestling"

VIDEO: Jesse Ventura in 'The Obama Deception'  
The Obama Deception: The Mask comes Off (2009)
JESSE VENTURA: Politics in America today is identical to Pro-wrestling. What I mean by that, is in front of the Cameras and the public we all hate each other. "I'm gonna kick my opponents' butt. I'm gonna wail him from here to high water and beat the crap out of him" yet behind the scenes
WILLIE NELSON: ... You're all friends
VENTURA: We all go out to dinner together. It's all a work (Wrestling jargon: Charade). We're intermarried.
NELSON: Its showbiz
VENTURA: Its showbiz and that's what you have in America today. Democrats and Republicans aren't really opposed to each other
cut to
WEBSTER TARPLEY: Left and right mean nothing. The only thing that counts is are you working for Wall Street
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