Thursday, April 12, 2018

Luchador Stephen Colbert cuts wrestling promo as "El Trump Loco"

American Pundit Fighting profile: Stephen Colbert
One of the first Punditfight wrestlers I ever animated was Stephen Colbert. For Team Red. Despite transitioning to straight comedy in the footsteps of David Letterman, Stephen is arguably more political in his Late Night incarnation. Whilst Colbert doesn't have the same affection for Pro wrestling as running mate Jon Stewart did. In today's monologue he donned a luchador mask and put on a wrestling promo as "El Trumpo Loco".

VIDEO: The President's WrestleMania Foreign Policy
STEPHEN COLBERT: (5m 37s) Threats, muscle flexing, macho nicknames. Trump is finally bringing his background in pro-wrestling to our foreign policy
*Stephen puts on a luchador mask and speaks in wrestling voice*

Now! You listen up brother. You better get ready cuz on Monday night on World War Raw I'm bringing the thunder to Animal Assad, the gas killin' animal. The rude dude, King Jong Crude but first I'm taking down my nemesis the special counsel and if you candy-ass jabronis think I won't plunge the world into a global conflict that destroys civilization as we know it, then you don't know El Trumpo Loco, brother! I am crazy, hombre. I will deport myself because I am "smart!"