Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hugh Hewitt remembering Christopher Hitchens

Hugh Hewitt regularly welcomed Hitchens' on his radio show and speaks fondly of the man after his passing.
Christopher Hitchens, RIP
I will replay my last interview with Christopher Hitchens --a three hour conversation about his autobiography-- sometime between now and the New Year. He was a joy to interview and a wonder to listen to debate, unfailingly gracious to me, my other guests and my audience...

I suspect that every one of the 50 conversations we had on air between 2006 and 2010 is still of interest because Hitchens could not be other than interesting, a compelling voice for freedom and courage in the age of terror. All of those transcripts are in the archive, and a New Year's resolution of mine will be to arrange to have them put into a single CD set so that people will be able to hear as well as read his command of the language and of his arguments. We spent a great deal of time discussing God, and I hope and pray I am correct in my views and that he can concede to me on that subject when we meet again.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Newsweek: Republican Debates = Celebrity Wrestling?

Newsweek equates Republican Debates to Celebrity Wrestling?
The Amazing Race (David McNew / Getty Images)
Sept. 7 Simi Valley, Calif.
Do these candidates look presidential? President Obama’s 2012 opponent will likely be one of the eight Republicans who debated in September. None of them, however, seems able to gain a critical mass of support, and their acrimonious debates have come to resemble Celebrity Wrestling.
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