Monday, August 31, 2009

CNN's Reliable Sources: Howard Kurtz calls out Bill O'Reilly for "unfair editing"

I've alluded a few times that CNN's Reliable Sources is a fruitful program for this blog as there is an overlap in the themes they cover and what this blog is interested in. Recently 'Reliable Sources' featured a segment that got this blog excited - it went meta.

Howard Kurtz played a video of Bill O'Reilly playing a video of Howard Kurtz talking about Bill O'Reilly complaining about how Jon Stewart selectively edits out videos.
Kurtz calls out Bill O'Reilly for selectively editing the excerpted clip from his show making it appear they were defending The Daily Show - "what was it that Bill was saying about unfair editing?"

O'Reilly's complaint that Jon Stewart selectively edited out clips.
Kurtz slams O'Reilly for 'unfair editing'

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WWE Wrestling personality Jerry "The King" Lawler runs for Mayor of Memphis

jerry lawler, memphis mayor, election,
Jerry Lawler for Mayor
This blog is about the analogy that Politics and Punditry is not unlike Pro wrestling. For the most part it discusses how Politics intersects with Wrestling but you might be surprised how often the wrestling industry and wrestlers themselves involve themselves in politics.

Popular WWE commentator and personality, Jerry "The King" Lawler has thrown his hat in the ring to be the mayor of Memphis, repeating a similar bid in 1999

Friend-of-show John Pollock recently interviewed Jerry Lawler on his Memphis Mayoral bid, the election taking place October 09'. The discussion acknowledges the overlap of charisma and presentation found in wrestling and politics, its significance in winning over audiences and how it is able to compensate for deficiencies in other areas (Policy knowledge for politicians, in-ring ability for wrestlers). This is one of the main planks of my analogy that politics is unlike pro-wrestling.
The Fight Network interviews Jerry "The King" Lawler
JOHN POLLOCK: ...How much does the [presentation/charisma] side of your wrestling background help you?
JERRY LAWLER: It's invaluable to me... I've almost taken it for granted because my entire career I've felt very comfortable in front of the camera or behind the microphone...

I think that it will be beneficial because there might be some brilliant political minds out there but you're right if they can't communicate with the people verbally then they're in trouble. And in the WWE throughout my career I've seen hundreds of wrestlers like that. Guys that have tremendous physiques and great wrestling ability but they just don't have the charisma when they're in front of the camera. The camera just doesn't really like them and they aren't able to communicate their feelings through making a promo or whatever. Trust me, guys that have a lot of wrestling ability but very few verbal or communicative skills they will not go as far as someone who has great communicative skills and not a lot of wrestling ability...

Hopefully I'll be able to bring that bit of expertise into the political ring so to speak and maybe even out-talk some of these other politicians. Believe me we've got some politicians here in Memphis that are pretty good talkers

JOHN POLLOCK: There you go, we can get some promo wars on Memphis television
Download and listen to the full episode here - Aug 21: Jerry Lawler / Dan Lovranski
Download and listen to the excerpted interview here - TFN: Jerry Lawler interview

Jerry Lawler is following in the footsteps of Wrestling legend Jesse Ventura who went on to become Governor of Minnesota, recently flirting with a Presidential bid in 08'. Aesthetically however Lawler's motor-mouth style is more akin to famed wrestling talker Jim Cornette who recently drew similar comparisons to wrestling and politics. Like Jesse Ventura, Jerry Lawler is not shying away from his celebrity or unconventional day job but instead incorporating his wrestling history and current relationship with the WWE in his campaigning and policy proposals.

Contribute and Donate to Jerry Lawler's campaign here

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jonathan Klein: "CNN should blacklist Talk show pundits"

CNN President Jonathan Klein recently made headlines for suggesting a ban on Talk Shows hosts as debate guests for their political programming.
No More Talk Radio Hosts on CNN?
... in his morning editorial meeting today, CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein asked his show producers to avoid booking talk radio hosts. "Complex issues require world class reporting," Klein is quoted as saying, adding that talk radio hosts too often add to the noise, and that what they say is "all too predictable."
Andy McCarthy of National Review Online comes to the talk show's defense in his post
CNN Bans Talk Radio Hosts
I wonder if the folks at CNN ever actually listen to the in-depth coverage complicated issues get for hours at a time on Rush's show and Sean's show. I wonder how Mr. Klein's assessment of talk-radio dullards squares up with, say, Mark Levin — an authentic scholar of constitutional law and American history, a mega-bestselling author of books on those subjects, and a former chief of staff to an attorney-general of the United States. Or, say, Hugh Hewitt, a cum laude graduate of Harvard, Order of the Coif student at UMichigan Law School, veteran of two prestigious federal court clerkships, like Mark a former Reagan Justice Department official, and now a professor at Chapman Law School. I wonder if Mr. Klein has ever heard Laura Ingraham or Steve Malzberg or Dennis Praeger (and I could go on and on) mixing it up with advocates for every side of every important issue.
Radio talker Hugh Hewitt in defense of his profession takes a similar tact as Andy McCarthy listing the esteemed credentials of his [conservative] peers.
The CNN Blacklist: The Most Busted Name In News Hits Itself In The Eye Again
Sure, I have many conservatives on... they are rarely given anywhere near the time or opportunity for serious conversation on MSM platforms as the left gets on my program or on the programs of my Salem radio network colleagues Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager or Michael Medved. (When did you last see Victor Davis Hanson on CNN?) And CNN never allows the voice of the average center-right American to be heard in the same way that Rush allows, nor for the variety of guests --left, right and center-- plus the fun, passion, and patriotism of Sean Hannity or for the analysis of constitutional issues and presentation of political theory that Mark Levin provides or the humor and guests of Dennis Miller. Let's see, which CNNer has clerked at the Supreme Court as did Laura Ingraham?...
Mark Steyn also comes to Talk Radio's defense in his weekly chat with Hugh. He rebuts Jonathan Klein whilst maintaining his premise
H1: Mark Steyn, Andrew Breitbart (Thursday August 20, 2009)
MARK STEYN: Essentially they are discriminating an entire demographic there. There are plenty of talk show hosts just like there are plenty of cable TV hosts and there are a good Cable TV hosts and there are a lot who are no good and a lot of them happento be on CNN and are dying in the ratings. I don't think this is anyway out of the hole for them, CNN is dullsville a lot of the time...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meghan McCain to fill in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck on ABC's 'The View'

As per Meghan McCain's Twitter account, she will be sharing the fill-in gig for ABC's 'The View' whilst Elisabeth Hasselbeck is away.

Yes, the rumors are true, I will be guest hosting The View while Elisabeth is on maternity leave. I couldn't be more honored or excited!!!!!

Meghan McCain will be guest hosting the show whilst Elisabeth Hasselbeck is away on Maternity leave. Former Fox News anchor E.D Hill will also be guest hosting.
Meghan McCain, E.D. Hill To Guest Host "The View" During Elisabeth Hasselbeck Maternity Leave
While Elisabeth Hasselbeck is out on maternity leave this fall, "The View" will be replacing her with Meghan McCain and "terrorist fist jab" former Fox News anchor E.D. Hill.

The New York Post's Maxine Shen reports that McCain will guest host the show for three days, starting September 9 (the Wednesday after Labor Day).

The folks at HotAir astutely point out that Meghan McCain will be hostign for a show that hasn't always been the kindest to their family - Quotes of the Day

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lawrence O'Donnell with TownHall protester Katy Abram, Mark Levin calls out Lawrence O'Donnell

Mark Levin is well known for cutting promos, calling out prominent politicians and politicos he disagrees with on his program. Coaxing them to appear on his show where he debates them using the bully pulpit to his advantage. It's an old schoolyard trick also found in wrestling. In the past he has lured Democratic congressman Maurice Hinchey, citizen-turned-Politician Paul Hackett and most recently conservative author David Frum who he has been feuding with. Their is little to gain for the taunted agreeing to such a showdown though it may show that the person has good humor or isn't afraid of a challenge. Constructive dialogue is not the aim but the awkward encounter and the ensuing fireworks does make for entertaining listening.

Mark Levin was at it again, this time challenging political analyst Lawrence O'Donnell after Mark found offense in his "bullying" of a citizen during an MSNBC debate on Health Care.

VIDEO: Lawrence O'Donnell debates with Town Hall protester
Katy Abram on MSNBC's Hardball
LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: Katy Abram I know you're not a regular at this stuff and you don't do it every day so take it easy we're just gonna go through some simple questions on this
After watching this clip Mark Levin calls out Lawrence O'Donnell on his show and challenges his assertions.
MSLSD’s Lawrence O’Donnell hiding from Mark Levin
MARK LEVIN: ... Now moron if you want to come on this program and try your little debating tricks I'd be more than happy to debate you. You coward! I've called you out before and you won't come on this program Laaarry!. Instead you attack citizens who are not used to debating morons like you and unfortunately I am.

Mr Producer find this jerk and see if he can drag his ass to this program will you. Tell him I've called him a coward, repeatedly on a national a show with 7 million listeners. You're a coward O'Donnell, Come on let's debate. You wanna debate Medicare? We'll debate Medicare You wanna debate National Health Care? We can do that too. You wanna debate the New Deal?

You wanna debate your hero, you're cult like hero Obama. Let's do that too. Except not on Chris Matthews show. No. Are you up to the challenge tough guy? I don't think you are but I'd be happy to have you here...
Listen and Download the audio of Mark Levin calling out Lawrence O'Donnell

Mark Levin isn't the only one coming to citizen Katy Abrams defense. Katy recently appeared on Glenn Beck's radio program where Glenn saluted her courage and assured her she was not alone in her thinking. Katy also read an email she sent to Glenn referencing the debate with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC's Hardball.
Glenn Beck: What 'doing something' looks like
KATY: It says, hi, Glenn. It's 4:41 a.m. I finally just got a few hours of needed sleep. And sitting here writing you maybe is a way to help myself feel a little better. I can't stop crying right now. The gravity of the past two days is finally hitting me. I am merely an American who wanted to ask her senator a question. Sorry. That's all I wanted. Last evening I went on MSNBC's Hardball with Lawrence O'Donnell. The lamb walked into the lion's den knowing she could be eaten alive. The lion pounced. The lamb is still alive. But is questioning why she would have placed herself in such danger. I new Hardball would be difficult but I want those who don't watch the channels that I watch to hear from a normal American. I'm not a plant by the GOP. I am a mom. I may not be the most articulate person. I may not be well versed, but I know what I believe. I can't quote numbers or facts well. I know my limitations. But I know who I am. I know what I believe in.
Listen to audio of Katy Abram appearing on Glenn Beck's Radio show

Saturday, August 15, 2009

TownHall's Matt Lewis: "Arlen Specter as Hulk Hogan"

Former Republican Arlen Specter has been in the news lately for Town Hall anger over Health Care reform and a recent 'Netroots Nation' straw poll showing his defection doesn't promise an easier passage to the Senate.

In the past I've likened politicians to wrestlers, interestingly another blogger has made a similar claim. Matt Lewis of Town Hall made a post on Arlen Specter's defection to the Democrats using a wrestling analogy, likening his switch to the infamous moment when 'Hulk Hogan' became 'Hollywood Hogan' after aligning with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form the NWO. If you think that is too dense with wrestling jargon for a political article, I present to you Matt Lewis' rundown.
Arlen Specter as Hulk Hogan
... But there was another reason it resonated.

From a conservative perspective, at least, the Specter story was a classic archetype that has been re-played throughout human history -- and retold in the Bible (Judas), American history (Benedict Arnold) movies (Anakin Skywalker) ... and even in the less sophisticated world of ... professional wrestling!

Actually, the wrestling example is especially applicable in this case, inasmuch as Specter's surprise announcement was staged so as to arouse the maximum amount of attention and controversy.
Matt Lewis is one of a host of prominent politicos and pundits who have used the wrestling analogy to describe politics, joining Ann Coulter, Jon Stewart and Marc Ambinder amongst others.

VIDEO: Hulk Hogan turns heel, joins NWO

Like Matt, I've made a similar wrestling analogy for a politician's "turn" also using an NWO reference. The politician in that instance was Republican Governor John Huntsman.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Democratic Congressman Rick Larsen calls out Fox News' Glenn Beck

VIDEO: Rep. Rick Larsen zings Glenn Beck and Glenn Beck supporters
I often highlight notable political news in anticipation of feuds. Just like in wrestling, the slightest incidences between performers can be a precursor to a new storyline or rivalry.

The latest is Democratic Congressman Rick Larsen calling out Fox News pundit Glenn Beck during a Town Hall meeting hosted in Washington Stadium. A lady questioner graciously thanked the crowd before reading a prepared statement. Representative Rick Larsen was gracious in kind and [clumsily] delivered his own prepared zinger to wild applause.
I've Got Facts On My Side & You've Got Glenn Beck On Your Side! Rep Rick Larsen Town Hall
CITIZEN: Firstly I'd like to thank you Representative Larsen for doing this for us tonight. Then I'd like to thank the audience (and most of you are gone). I think this is one of the most courteous audiences I've ever seen. I'm proud of you.

I have two real concerns about the nationalized health care insurance.

Why are all Americans forced into a government-run health care and insurance plan when only 46 million out of 312 million are uninsured?...

RICK LARSEN: Thanks... Thanks for your input and your comments. With regards to the first comment about being forced to buy health care, I’ll say it again...

I’m sorry, the bill does not force anybody to change their health care plan. If you’re in a plan, you will not be forced into the public option. You will not be forced into the health insurance exchange. Now folks will say that’s not true, but I’ve got facts on my side and you’ve got Glenn Beck on your side. It’s just not going to play off that way.
I fully expect Glenn Beck to replay this moment on his show and return fire at Representative Larsen. The ultimate outcome of course would be a PPV Debate event similar to the one between Sean Hannity and Utah Mayor Rock Anderson. Unfortunately a feud escalating to a satisfying conclusion such as that has been the exception and not the rule.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Protesters turn Health Care Town Hall into a "wrestling cage match"

People passionate about politics and fiercely devoted to their causes can sometimes clash, degenerating to a sideshow reminiscent of wrestling.
Protesters in Ybor City drown out health care summit on Obama's proposal
TAMPA — Bitter divisions over reforming America's health care system exploded Thursday night in Tampa amid cat calls, jeering and shoving at a town hall meeting...

"There is more consensus than there is disagreement when you get right down to it,' Castor offered, immediately drowned out by groans and boos...

The spectacle at the Children's Board in Ybor City sounded more like a wrestling cage match than a panel discussion on national policy, and it was just the latest example of a health care meeting disrupted by livid protesters. Similar scenes are likely to be repeated across the country as lawmakers head to their home districts for the summer recess.
Mark Shields on his weekly discussion on PBS Newshour makes a similar assessment of the Protest movement over healthcare
Health Reform Push, Clinton's N. Korea Trip Top Week's News
JUDY WOODRUFF: So what's the effect on health care reform? Is there any effect? Does it just stop the debate or...

MARK SHIELDS: Well, it changes the whole debate. I mean, the coverage. I mean, Betty Ann, who's done great coverage about the case, pro and con, for the proposals, you know, she's reduced to being a fight reporter, you know, and interviewing the people on either side, I mean, not reduced to that, but, I mean, that's the story. And so the story is now about the protests instead of about the proposals.
Learn more about the passionate divide on health care reform and the protest movement that has informed and forcefully shaped the debate - Doctors Consider Health Care Possibilities as White House Pushes Reform

- Go to an archive of the aforementioned Betty Ann Bowser's coverage on Health Care
- Go to PBS Newshour's page on Health Care Reform - Rx for Reform

Monday, August 10, 2009

New York Magazine - Why Neoconservative Pundits Love Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart once quipped that his audience sometimes behaved like they were watching a wrestling match during the Daily Show's interview segment.
William 'Bill' Kristol - Top wrestling heel (villain)
JON STEWART: Boy the audience, I don't know when they started thinking this was pro-wrestling. It's the strangest thing -- they literally boo and hiss and cheer like you're the Rock and I'm - you know - The Undertaker.
Surprisingly this is not the picture painted by Conservative guests who usually bring out the fireworks on the Daily Show set. A recent New York Magazine article features testimonies from prominent conservatives Cliff May, Bill Kristol and John Bolton among others commending Jon Stewart's brand of inquiry
Why Neoconservative Pundits Love Jon Stewart
"There is genuine intellectual curiosity," May told New York. "He's a staunch liberal, but he's a thoughtful liberal, and I respect that." May isn't the only conservative gushing about Stewart. While the movement professes a disdain for the "liberal media elite," it has made an exception for the true-blue 46-year-old comedian. "He always gives you a chance to answer, which some people don't do," says John Bolton, President Bush's ambassador to the United Nations and a Fox News contributor, who went on the show last month. "He's got his perspective, but he's been fair." Says Bolton: "In general, a lot of the media, especially on the left, has lost interest in debate and analysis. It has been much more ad hominem. Stewart fundamentally wants to talk about the issues. That's what I want to do."
The article goes on to contrast Jon Stewart's style with other pundits, making the case that the Daily Show format is less like pro-wrestling
Conservatives like Stewart because he's providing them a platform to reach an audience that usually tunes them out. And they often find that Stewart takes them more seriously than right-wing political hosts, who are often just using them to validate their broad positions, do. Stewart will poke fun, but he offers a good-faith debate on powder kegs — torture, abortion, nuclear weapons, health care — that explode on other networks. "Shepard Smith did the same discussion [on torture]," says May. "He kept yelling me at me: 'This is where I get off the bus! Not in my name!' He wasn't arguing with me. It was just assertions and anger. That's not what Jon deals in."
Read the complete New York Magazine article here - Why Neoconservative Pundits Love Jon Stewart

Mark Levin VS David Frum, the feud rages on - "Quit whining"

One of the most colorful and personal feuds in punditry shows no signs of easing. The feud between Mark Levin and David Frum. David Frum is a moderate conservative concerned about the representation of the Republican Party as it seeks to find a face that will make it palatable once again to the electorate. After discovering popular talker Radio Talker Mark Levin, he held him as an example of the type of "whining", "shouting" conservative that was harming the movement. Levin responded in kind by saying that Frum was appealed to "McCain-style" conservatives, mushy on principle which was a losing position, adding his lousy book sales made him irrelevant.

Levin began devoting a section on his official website to catalogue players like Frum who he deemed harmful to Conservatism. David Frum in kind has discretely taken shots at Levin when the opportunity arises.

David Frum highlights Mark Levin's rebuttal to a piece he wrote titled 'Quit Whining!'
"Moron" "Idiot" "Lardass" "Fraud": Mark Levin Replies
My series on conservative despair mentions Mark Levin among others. Here the talk-show host responds with his familiar suavity of manner and elegance of language.
- Listen and Download Mark Levin's scathing rebuttal against David Frum
MARK LEVIN: You know there is a fraud out there by the name of David frum, a complete and utter fraud, jealous, petty, insignificant. The fact that I mention the guy is what brings him attention and he's fiercely upset by the success of 'Liberty and Tyranny'. And he's created a website, a little presumptuous, he's calling it the 'New Majority'... He wrote a book on the New majority and it sold less than 5000 hardback copies. He has no way of knowing the pulse of the people because he basically sits in his basement with his door locked, in his boxershorts like a good little goofball
Interestingly Frum has said in his arguments against Levin that the preoccupation of fame and influence over correct judgment is the reason why polarising talkers like him and Rush Limbaugh are problematic for the party. Frum has also charged that Levin is in fact the recluse.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Howard Kurtz' Reliable Sources "outraged" by Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs

The most recent episode of CNN's 'Reliable Sources' had an illuminating panel discussion that reiterated many of the same points that I have made in my analogy that American Political Punditry is not unlike Pro-Wrestling. The panel comprised of Michelle Cottle, Michel Martin and Amanda Carpenter discussing Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and the theatrical nature of punditry.

VIDEO: Beck's "racism" charge hits Howard Kurtz's outrage meter

Michelle Cottle in particular made a salient point about how theater and a captivating persona are the keys to Cable news success, being responsible and informative are peripheral.
MICHELLE COTTLE: Two words: crazy sells. I mean, if you're talking about political punditry, it does not serve you well to go out there and talk nuance and whatever, or at least it doesn't get you the big audience. And more than that, the committed audience.

I mean, normal people have lots to do with their time. What you have with Glenn Beck is, the crazier he gets, the more obsessive he draws. And these people sit and watch every word and buy every book and go to every speech, and it's great for him and it's great for Fox, so they're not going to do a thing about it.
Michel Martin introduces another analogy that also captures the dynamic of mutual benefit and "all-in-a-day's-work" nature of the Pundit feuds - a "Hip Hop beef". I myself have used the wrestling analogy and have also likened it to the wolf/sheepdog cartoons.
HOWARD KURTZ: The average person must be watching this and saying "this is like a high school spitball fight"
MICHELLE COTTLE: You know O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann would go at each other like this. This isn't the first time this has happened. Cable news hosts decide that they need a nemesis. And it actually jacks up their ratings. If you can have someone on the other side that can get your followers fired up about being ticked off.
MICHEL MARTIN: This is like a hip hop beef, where they sell records by beefing on each other
A Hip Hop beef is described thusly:
Hip Hop Beefs
A beef is a term used in the hip hop culture to describe a grudge between two individuals...

Beefs in hip hop were created with two purposes in mind. One being that two artist with legitimate gripes between each other would be able to settle their differences while at the same time promoting their respective albums...
The Hip Hop beef is a more apt analogy than wrestling because whilst the dynamics are similar, the hip hop beef has real consequences to the careers of the individual feuding rappers. In wrestling, whilst the theatrics acted on screen may reflect real hatred or circumstances backstage, ultimately the feuding parties are on the same payroll and have the ability to pre-arrange their fights. Whilst "Hip Hop beefs" are more organic, both analogies reflect the art of theatrics for the sake of generating interest and creating dedicated rival camps (fanbases).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Keith Olbermann / Bill O'Reilly feud continues however KO shows solidarity against Rupert Murdoch

In a previous post I wrote about the possible end to the long running feud between Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly. A ceasefire reportedly organised by the corporate higher ups to protect business interests. Keith on hiatus at the time of the NY Times article was said to have not been a "party to the talks".

Upon his return Keith immediately disavowed the speculation by placing the NY Times reporter, Bill O'Reilly and Fox owner Rupert Murdoch on his 'Worst Person in the World' list. Ironically in denying even the thought of civility between himself and O'Reilly, Keith does the opposite

VIDEO: Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in The World"
Rupert Murdoch & Bill O'Reilly
KEITH OLBERMANN: How dare you muzzle O'Reilly Mr Murdoch, how dare you sir? This is the essence of corporate interference in the marketplace of ideas and it is shameful... Solidarity Bill, free yourself from your corporate shackles. Solidarity! Rupert Murdoch - who could never get away with that here - is today's worst person in the world

Monday, August 3, 2009

Michelle Malkin appears on 'The View' to promote her new book

I stated in a previous post that Michelle Malkin will join the club of mainstream pundits once she goes through the rite of passage that is 'The View'. A club membership that eluded Mark Levin whose book was a New York Times bestseller despite not being able to promote it through the MSM circuit.

Michelle gives her summary of her View appearance on her site
Into the lion’s den: My encounter with The View
Best part: Every single member of the audience got a copy of the book!

Second best part: Whoopi Goldberg, who didn’t read the book, asserting that I called the administration the most corrupt ever in the book when I was on the set — and then waiting for me to leave to falsely assert that "that young lady" said it on the Today Show.

No, I didn’t. Here’s the video.

As I said on the show, my argument is that the Obama administration needs to be held to its own standards and rhetoric — and by that standard, it is one of the most corrupt in recent history — a point I made on the Hannity show last Monday when I launched.

You know you’ve won the argument when the ladies of the View are reduced to arguing how corrupt Team Obama is, and not whether.
VIDEO: Michelle Malkin on 'The View'
MICHELLE MALKIN: What I'm saying Whoopi is that you have to measure this administration - the principled foremost agent of everything fresh and clean, hope and change. Isn't what we were sold this last campaign? He rode in on a horse, a white horse taller than any other in recent memory. And you can talk to any young person who voted for Obama, they though they were going to get something fresh and clean. They got Tom Daschle, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden...
What is most startling about the video is how well Malkin controlled the floor, you could argue Joy and particularly Whoopi were sheepish. Malkin laid out her points with little rebuttal and the discourse was largely civil, Sherri asking the most poignant question from the view of a "first time voter". A stark contrast to Glenn Beck's outing on 'The View' where he was caught flatfooted and unable to project his true personality. AllahPundit agrees with Malkin's effective gameplan.

Bill Maher charges Michelle Malkin's book is premature, mocks Beck, Limbaugh and Coulter

VIDEO: Real Time - Bill Maher mocks Malkin for her new book
With fellow Blue pundit Rachel Maddow standing by, Bill Maher cuts a light promo on Michelle Malkin for releasing a prematurely critical book on the failures of the Obama administration. Maher makes his point by presenting faux critical books as released by conservative pundits Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.
BILL MAHER: He's been in office, our President for 6 months and there is already a book by Michelle Malkin... look at this. This is not a fake book that we mocked up... 6 months in office!! and already we can make this judgment.It blows my mind because Bush always said "You can't judge me now. Only history can judge me".
The 3 mocked up books Bill Maher presented were
1) Clownfall: How Al Franken destroyed the Senate, bankrupted Minnesota and ruined ice fishing forever by Rush Limbaugh

2) Shitfaced: Obama's pathetic descent into Alcoholism by Ann Coulter

3) Painting with Poop by Glenn Beck

Michelle Malkin counters Maher on her site
When they can’t attack the message...
That’s it. Not a single refutation of a single fact in the book. Bill Maher can’t bring himself to open it and read what’s in between the covers. Why? Because he and all of his enablers in Hollywood, D.C., and Manhattan are in a state of denial about Obama’s Culture of Corruption. They don’t want to hear it, see it, or smell it. Unlike many brave whistleblowers who worked in the Obama trenches and who have seen the light, the liberal elites don’t want to know the truth.

Maher sneers that Obama has only been in office six months.

Hey, Einstein: That. Is. The. Freaking. Point.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The end of the Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann feud? Fox and GE call a truce

bill o'reilly, keith olbermann, feud
The biggest feud in punditry: Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann
Could this be the end of one of the biggest feuds in the Pundit World? The New York Times reports how Fox and MSNBC management have orchestrated a tentative ceasefire between Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann for the sake of business.
Voices From Above Silence a Cable TV Feud
It was a media cage fight, televised every weeknight at 8 p.m. But the match was halted when the blood started to spray executives in the high-priced seats.

For years Keith Olbermann of MSNBC had savaged his prime-time nemesis Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News Channel and accused Fox of journalistic malpractice almost nightly. Mr. O’Reilly in turn criticized Mr. Olbermann’s bosses and led an exceptional campaign against General Electric, the parent company of MSNBC...

Both moguls expressed regret over the venomous culture between the networks and the increasingly personal nature of the barbs. Days later, even though the feud had increased the audience of both programs, their lieutenants arranged a cease-fire, according to four people who work at the companies and have direct knowledge of the deal.
2 fierce combatants breaking bread for a sportsmanlike truce? Watch how wrestlers do it. But will both parties stick to the ceasefire?

VIDEO: John Cena & Randy Orton shake hands and call a truce

Keith Olbermann hinting that this might not be the end of the feud
Mr. Olbermann, who is on vacation, said by e-mail message, "I am party to no deal," adding that he would not have been included in any conversations between G.E. and the News Corporation.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pundit Roundup on "Birthers" (Barack Obama birth certificate scandal)

Rush Limbaugh's take on speculation over Obama's Birth certificate
What's the Difference Between God and Obama?
RUSH: What do Obama and God have in common? Neither has a birth certificate. How do they differ? God does not think he's Obama. And there's another difference between God and Obama, and that is that liberals love Obama.
Ann Coulter's take on the "Birthers"
Ann Coulter: "Obama Birthers" Are Wrong

ANN COULTER: Lou Dubbs... is wrong on this issue. And I do want to point out that every conservative publication from 'Human Events'... dealt with this because it was raised as an issue and said there's nothing to it. So for CNN or MSNBC... bringing this out as an issue - it's just a few cranks out there..."
Bill Maher on the "Birthers"
'Birthers' must be stopped
And there's nothing anyone can do to convince these folks. You could hand them, in person, the original birth certificate and have a video of Obama emerging from the womb with Don Ho singing in the background ... and they still wouldn't believe it.

Which raises the question: Why, in this country, is it always the religious right that won't take anything on faith?
Michelle Malkin's on the "Birthers"
Kooky Politics
I believe Trig was born to Sarah Palin. I believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. I believe fire can melt steel and that Bin Laden’s jihadi crew — not Bush and Cheney — perpetrated mass murder on 9/11. What kind of kooky conspiracist does that make me?
Michael Medved and his opinion of the "Birthers"
THE BIRTHERS by Steve Benen
"crazy, nutburger, demagogue, money-hungry, exploitative, irresponsible, filthy conservative imposters" who are "the worst enemy of the conservative movement." He added, "It makes us look weird. It makes us look crazy. It makes us look demented. It makes us look sick, troubled, and not suitable for civilized company.
Stephen Colbert and his take on the "Birthers"
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STEPHEN COLBERT: ...Barack Obama is a terrible President, we have to get him out of office by any weird loophole we can make up. ... "Birthers" - I don't like that term. It implies that Barack Obama was birthed. We have no proof that that ever happened. I want to be able to stick my finger in the President's bellybutton and produce some lint then I will believe he was birthed. Until then don't call us "birthers."
Glenn Beck's take on speculation over Obama's Birth certificate
VIDEO: Even Beck and his radio crew think "birthers" are "stupid" and "morons" who sound like "flat earthers"

GLENN BECK: ...There would be civil war. If you don't think the ACORN's of the world would stand up and say "Awww you're just going after him cuz of his race, whatever". That's exactly what would happen. There are other things we should concentrate on. Who cares about the birth certificate thing. The time to do that was, you know during the election. Now what do you say we pay attention to - "he's appointing communists!".