Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stephen Colbert with the aid of his [Not] SuperPAC starts his own 'Operation Chaos' in South Carolina

VIDEO: The Word - Raise Cain

In 2008 influential Conservative pundit, Rush Limbaugh gleefully used his influence to create chaos in the hotly contested Democratic Primary. In 2011, influential faux pundit Stephen Colbert is manufacturing some mischief of his own.

Stephen encouraged his audience to vote for Herman Cain as a proxy for him. Cain suspended his campaign after allegations of sexual misconduct but he remains on the ballot. Colbert isn't eligible for the ballot after being two and a half months late to file for official candidacy. Stephen came up with next best thing:
STEPHEN COLBERT: Anyone who shares my values can show it by voting for Herman Cain. Independents, Democrats, college kids, viewers of my show, people who attended my rally, my Twitter followers, my good friends on Reddit. Young people of the Internet, stand up and shout! Because you are legally eligible to go down to the polls and tell the world how much you love Herman Cain.
The mischief doesn't end there as Colbert's SuperPAC helmed by Jon Stewart has begun airing tongue-in-cheek attack ads levelled at frontrunner Mitt Romney. Things are getting real!

Colbert Super PAC's Herman Cain Ad
The 'Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC' released a new ad endorsing a vote for Senator Herman Cain in the South Carolina Primary. It cleverly appropriates Stephen Colbert's branding with its patriotic Capıtal 'C'.
Watch Stephen unveiling the ad on his show - Indecision 2012 - GOP Attack Ads & Colbert Super PAC's Herman Cain Ad

- Rush the Vote: The Operation Chaos movement
- Political life imitates art: Stephen Colbert for President and Al Franken for Senate

Glenn Beck hosts Adam Carolla on his show

Glenn Beck who has been gushing of Adam Carolla for his rants on the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement finally welcomes the comedian on his show.
via Glenn Beck's Facebook
Tonight I finally get to meet one of the bravest Americans ever – no, not George Washington... Adam Carolla! Remember his EPIC rant against Occupy Wall Street where he called out the protesters for their out of control sense of entitlement?! Don’t miss my interview with Adam tonight at 5pm ET on GBTV!
VIDEO: Adam Carolla tears OWS, ‘millennials’ a new one

- Comedians Marc Maron and Jimmy Pardo liken Adam Carolla fans to Rush Limbaugh dittoheads

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fox News featuring Bill O'Reilly, Brian Kilmeade and wrestlers Kurt Angle and Jesse Ventura

Three separate videos surrounding a remarkable claim that accusses Former Governor Jesse Ventura of disparaging the military and a young SEAL Sniper supposedly teaching him a lesson.

The Videos feature some of the APF's greatest stars
- Bill O'Reilly, arguably the greatest PunditFighter of them all
- Jesse Ventura, Former wrestler turned Politician
- Brian Kilmeade, Fox personality and former UFC commentator
- Kurt Angle, one of the greatest wrestler of all time

VIDEO: Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Tells O'Reilly: I Decked Jesse Ventura

BILL O'REILLY: So once he [Ventura] said "You deserve to lose a few guys" you popped him? (punching motion)
O'REILLY: Did he fight back?
KYLE: He went down, The cops were there. I took off running.
VIDEO: Jesse Ventura Responds on the Alex Jones Radio Show - Chris Kyle Navy Seal Punch (Full Interview)

JESSE VENTURA: I have never supported the Iraq War. And let me say this clearly. Wars are not cause by the soldiers, the sailors or the airman. Wars are caused by politicians. Politicians take us to war and I have been so critical of the politicians that took us to the Iraq War...

I have all the sympathy in the world for the soldiers having been one and anyone who questions my patriotism, that I would behave in this manner that is a direct insult to me, my family. Its a direct insult to my mother and father. My father had 6 Bronze Battle stars in WWII, my mother is a WWII veteran, a nurse in North Africa... my entirely family are veterans, we were all enlisted men. We were at the bottom rung...

So for someone to state that I would take joy and pleasure -and especially one of my SEAL teammates would die - that I would enjoy that? Is despicable, its wrong and this never happened...
VIDEO: Wrestling BADASS Kurt Angle takes down Brian Kilmeade

KURT ANGLE: Yeah I mean, Jesse had his own viewpoint. I don't-- I love Jesse Ventura, he's a great guy but his choice of words and what he said I think was wrong so I don't blame this SEAL sniper for what he did. But with Jesse Ventura you never know how tough he really is. I'm glad the guy ran (laughter)

Stephen Colbert to make big announcement Jan 12, 2012

On yesterday's show, Stephen Colbert teased a big announcement regarding the third Republican Primary in his hometown South Carolina. Despite not even being on the ballot, Stephen is polling as high as 5%. Higher than New Hampshire's 3rd place finisher Jon Huntsman.

VIDEO: Indecision 2012 - South Carolina's Fresh Face
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Indecision 2012 - South Carolina's Fresh Face
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Stephen has more on Twitter:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Republican Primaries - Flashback 2008

Its unfortunate I've been unable to cover the intriguing Republican Primaries whilst I've been occupied traveling. In lieu of this I hope you enjoy this flasback to the 2008 Presidential Election and the Democratic and Republican Primaries:


obama, mccain, presidential, election, primaries, art
US Presidential Primaries 2008
A collection of PunditFight art encapsulating the entire Presidential campaign season. From the primaries starting in Iowa, the three Presidential debates, the Vice Presidential debate and the General Election.

Some Handy links looking back at the Election Season:
- View all the Art of the Primary PPV Posters
- Relive the struggle Between Hillary Clinton and Obama in the Democratic Primary
- Watch the main event between Barack Obama and John McCain
- Watch the rise and influence of Saturday Night Live
- Watch the entertaining sub plot involving the Vice Presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Joe Biden

Sunday, January 1, 2012

UFC Fighter Jacob Volkmann continues his one-way feud with President Obama

After creating news in January for calling out President Barack Obama, UFC Fighter Jacob Volkmann is at it again:
UFC 141 Results: Jacob Volkmann Trolls President Obama After Beating Efrain Escudero
UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann dominated Efrain Escudero for a ho-hum decision at UFC 141, but things got interesting-ish after the fight. Volkmann received a visit from the Secret Service in January of this year after saying he'd like to fight President Obama because, "someone's got to knock some sense into that idiot."

Volkmann attempted to follow up on that notoriety last night by donning a "Volkmann for President" t-shirt and launching into a terrible joke about Obama when UFC announcer Joe Rogan interviewed him after the fight.

"I'd like to give President Obama a glassectomy. Ask me what a glassectomy is Joe," Volkmann said to a groaning Rogan. "A glassectomy is when you cut a hole in the belly button and put in a glass window so you can still see with your head up your ass."...
In a post match interview with Ariel Helwani, Jacob Volkmann seemingly gives up on his feud with with President Obama but interestingly calls out Joe Rogan for being a leftist sympathiser

VIDEO: Jacob Volkmann UFC 141, wants to punch Joe Rogan in the balls...

ARIEL HELWANI: Are you disappointed in him [Joe Rogan]? Maybe he didn't want anyone doing the comedy thing next to him?
JACOB VOLKMANN: I think he's a Democrat even though I know he's not. He's a more independent kind of guy. I think everyone knows where he stands...