Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bloomberg Game Changers: Jon Stewart

Last month Jon Stewart was profiled on 'Bloomberg Game Changers'.
Bloomberg Game Changers (Ch Bloomberg. Thursdays 9:30pm ET)
A new original documentary series. Bloomberg Game Changers gives a compelling look into today's most influential leaders in technology, finance, politics and culture. See how these Game Changers redefined their industry and at times, the world.
The show focused on Stewart's rise to prominence and his current influence on the Political and media landscape.
Bloomberg Game Changers: Jon Stewart
Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- BLOOMBERG GAME CHANGERS profiles Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, now Jon Stewart, from his New Jersey boyhood through the standard struggle of the stand-up comedian - part time jobs and late night gigs at New York’s comedy clubs. It will shine a spotlight on his early television shows and movies, including rare video from his early career, to show his transformation into the dominant American commentator of our time.
Watch the entire episode here - Bloomberg Game Changers: Jon Stewart

Enjoy a preview clip here
VIDEO: Bloomberg Game Changers | Jon Stewart - CNBC and Cramer

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sam Seder launches new podcast show - Majority Report Radio (Majority FM)

Sam Seder hosting his new radio podcast - Majority Report Radio (Majority.FM)
Sam Seder has launched a new incarnation of 'Majority Report radio' - Majority.FM'. His latest project in years after the rollercoaster ride that was Air America Radio. His partner on his last two projects ('Maron V Seder' and 'Break Room Live'), Marc Maron had struck gold with a comedy podcast that has consistently been ranked #1 on ITunes.

Sam Seder hopes to do the same with his brand of politics and comedy. A lot of Maron's early success was built on the network of friends he enlisted as guests and the following he had garnered on his previous shows on Air America. Sam shares a similar advantage albeit a long time in between drinks. Moreover he is assisted by the following he has cultivated on his website and the increased television profile he's had as a regular panelist on CNN and MSNBC.

Logo for Sam Seder's new 'Majority Report Radio' show - Majority.FM

Find all the relevant links to Majority.FM here
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- Go to the Majority.FM website
- Go to the Majority.FM Facebook site
- Go to the Majority.FM Twitter site
- Official Sam Seder website
- Listen to my 2008 interview with Sam Seder

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mick Foley to appear on the Daily Show November 2010, talks about 'Rally to Restore Sanity'

Wrestler Superstar Mick Foley announced on his his Twitter page that he will be a guest on 'The Daily Show', airing on Comedy Central on Wednesday November 10, 2010. Foley recently attended the Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive' event in Washington DC where he received a medal of sanity from Jon Stewart and dubbed the show’s “Senior Ass Kicker”.
Before I get into The Rally to Restore Sanity, and the medal bestowed upon me by Jon Stewart, I would like to make a few reasonable requests.

1) Buy a copy of "Countdown to Lockdown" for someone you love - even if that someone is you...

What an amazing experience the Rally was. If I had one complaint, it would be that there was no video team doing a "Making of the Rally" behind the scenes documentary. Because if the sixties had Woodstock as their great testament to peace, love and understanding, I believe that, years from now, a generation will look back on the Rally as a seminal moment in the art of just trying to get along. Besides, I would really have liked some video evidence of me hanging out, watching the show, taking in the atmosphere, with an eclectic group of superstars fro all across the entertainment spectrum - from Sheryl Crow, to Yusaf, to Tony Bennett, to Kid Rock to Kareem Abdul Jabaar. OK, maybe "hanging out" is a little inaccurate, especially in the case of Kareem, who was a little ...detached from his fellow invitees, but I swear, I was in the same general vicinity as the rest of the gang...

I'd never met Steven [sic] Colbert before the Rally rehearsal on Saturday evening. But despite all of the pressure and the magnitude of the situation, both Steven and Jon went out of their way to make me feel welcome both Saturday and Sunday...

I know I'll look back on the Rally with great fondness for years to come...

Oh, yeah, I even received an award - which I'm sure I'll tell you more about in the days, weeks and months to come. Kurt Angle - there's a new medal in TNA.
Mick Foley has appeared on The Daily show twice before but this marks his first appearance as a sit-down guest with Jon Stewart. With that said this Foley appearance is not politically orientated but an avenue to promote his latest book (Countdown to Lockdown) and causes he has been supporting (RAINN)

Find his previous forays on the Daily Show and Politics in general here - Marc Maron and Mark Riley's 'Morning Sedition': The infamous 'Wrestle a Republican' episode with Mick Foley.

Update: Video is up
VIDEO: Mick Foley - November 10, 2010
Mick Foley
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Glenn Beck critiques Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's comedic performances at 'The Rally to Restore Sanity'. Gives good reviews on messaging.

I've talked plenty of times about Glenn Beck's credentials as a Comedy Enthusiast. Beck on his radio show was surprisingly complimentary towards Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on their rally mostly in reference to their messaging. Gracious as Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' was considered by many to be a counterpoint to Beck's own 'Restoring Honor Rally'.

Beck was happy to welcome Stewart and Colbert as fellow figureheads of popular protests championing a message of non-partisanship. Where he found fault in the rally was in its comedy. Beck makes it clear he thought the comedic elements were "awful", likening it to a "High School production" so bad it felt like he was in a "tribulation waiting for the second coming of Christ".
Glenn Beck: Media ignores Yusuf Islam's appearance at Stewart's rally
GLENN BECK: On the Jon Stewart rally which, by the way, I thought was an absolute I mean, it was a high school production. It was a high school production, the comedy. And even Jon Stewart. I mean, he said it from stage several times. This didn't work. I mean, it was really bad. Colbert, I thought there were a couple of things

PAT: When he was off stage
GLENN: It was good.
PAT: Everything went pretty well.

GLENN: Yeah. When Jon Stewart was just talking, I thought, okay, this is going to go into you know, this will be good. And then Colbert would come out and it was awful. It was embarrassing.

PAT: It was.
GLENN: I was embarrassed not for Colbert.
PAT: Train wreck.

GLENN: It was beyond it. I was embarrassed for Jon Stewart because he's better than that. And the music was great. I mean, they had really great musical guests and everything else. And the message that Jon Stewart had after the concert was good. I mean, it was very similar to what I said. Just in different, you know, obviously different language. I framed mine in God, but we're better people than what we're allowing ourselves to become. Let's stop being used by, you know, red and blue. And so that was, you know, basically his message. And I think it was a success for him. I think if he wouldn't have given that message, it would have been jump the shark. I think it was jump the shark for Colbert. I don't think Colbert ever recovers from that. Just awful. No, it really was.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vince McMahon shocked by Linda McMahon's spending in wrestling storyline. McMahon unsuccesful against Richard Blumenthal

Linda McMahon was unsuccessful in her bid for the Connecticut Senate seat as a Republican
Blumenthal bests McMahon for Conn. Senate seat
Connecticut's longtime Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has won the state's hotly contested U.S. Senate race, defeating a multimillionaire former wrestling executive and keeping the seat in Democratic control.

The 64-year-old Blumenthal defeated Republican newcomer Linda McMahon, who spent about $50 million of her on money on the race.

With 3 percent of precincts reporting, Blumenthal had 52 percent of the vote to McMahon's 47 percent.

Blumenthal will fill the seat now held by Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd, who did not seek re-election.
Linda McMahon built her reputation as the CEO of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) which she also portrayed as an onscreen character with her family. The WWE has always had its share of controversy and was placed under a public microscope as its work practises and societal impact was challenged by Linda McMahon's opponents. The WWE set up 'Stand Up for WWE' in its defense.

In a moment of levity, days before the election the WWE ran a segment which poked fun at the stress the campaign has cost on Linda's wife Vince McMahon. MSNBC has a write-up of the segment below.
Vince McMahon, Freddie Prinze Jr. Get Political With Potty Humor
The WWE has a reputation for smack downs and Linda McMahon’s high-profile husband is using his WWE-style comedy – along with some potty humor -- to make his own political statement about the heated and expensive U.S. Senate race Linda and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal are embroiled in.

Vince McMahon, his daughter Stephanie and Freddie Prinze Jr. are all in the skit, which ran on Monday night raw and was posted online on Election Day...
VIDEO: Vince McMahon awakes from Coma