Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Netroots Nation and and Right Online Conferences face off in Las Vegas

VIDEO: Ed Morrissey at RightOnline 2010
Ed Morrissey at RightOnline 2010 from AFPhq on Vimeo.
My speech to AFP’s Right Online conference
...I decided to try a lighter, humorous touch to make my point, and those of you who listened to my last night on the Hugh Hewitt show will recognize where I got my inspiration to talk about the sudden re-emergence of 1970s nostalgia.
VIDEO: Senator Al Franken Netroots Nation Las Vegas
Huffington Post: Sen. Franken to the Netroots: Only You Can Stop the Corporate Takeover of Free Speech
Over the weekend, Sen. Al Franken (D.-Minn.) made the corporate takeover of our media, and the government’s acquiescence to these corporations, frighteningly clear.
VIDEO: Netroots & Liberal Media Bias: Cenk Hosts MSNBC
Right-Wing Blogger Tells Cenk: Liberals Have The 'Liberal Media' On Our Side
Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks was filling in for Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC yesterday, and had on Sam Seder and conservative blogger Matt Lewis about Netroots 2010, Right Online, and media bias.
Who, me unleash violent nutcases? Beck wonders why the concern about the Tides Foundation -- but doesn't mention shooter
Glenn Beck was all hyped up about last week's Netroots Nation gathering in Vegas, especially the frequency with which he was mentioned. The reason, he said, was that "this was really about you" (which is, of course, one of the rhetorical devices Beck uses to get his viewers to identify with him).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TXC 'Total Xtreme Comedy': Wrestlers Mick Foley and Colt Cabana performing stand-up

Mick Foley at the Hollywood Improv
Hollywood, CA (July 27, 2009) – Evil Eye Entertainment in association with the World Famous Hollywood Improv presents “Total Extreme Comedy starring Mick Foley” on Saturday night August 22nd at 7:00 PM.

“Total Extreme Comedy” (TXC) is unique concept that showcases pro wrestling personalities performing stand up comedy with the best of comedy world. This one night only event will feature multi time World Heavyweight Champion and New York Times Best Selling Author Mick Foley, International Star (and industry funny man) “Classic” Colt Cabana, Brad “Don’t call me Wee Man” Williams and Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Tour Alumni Brent Ernst.

Tickets are on sale now at location) or by calling
(323) 651-2583. Don’t forget that there is a $5.00 discount at the door if you present a ticket from the XPW 10th Anniversary Event. This is a must see event! Lots of surprises and special guests!
- Go to the Total Extreme Comedy for booking information and schedules

Find old posts featuring Mick Foley:
- Marc Maron's WTF podcast Ep 23: Wyatt Cenac talks pundits and professional wrestling
- Jon Stewart tag teams with Wrestler Mick Foley to protect 10-Year-Old Gay Marriage Activist
- Mick Foley - Politics is just like wrestling
- Mick Foley and Sean Morley: When wrestlers become pundits

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lebron James follows Rush Limbaugh to Florida. 'Sports Guy' Bill Simmons likens Lebron to a wrestling heel

Fans in Miami celebrate LeBron James and Chris Bosh joining the 'Heat'
Rush Limbaugh talks about the economic incentive of Lebron moving to Florida
LeBron Follows El Rushbo to Florida, Where the Achievers Go
RUSH: So LeBron James, ladies and gentlemen, has followed me in moving to Florida, as did Tiger Woods. I'm talking about the move to the Miami Heat. I, of course, am the trendsetter. I am the one who's on the cutting edge. It was in 1997 that I decamped New York City. I love New York City, don't misunderstand, it's just silly to pay their tax rate, which 12-point some odd percent on top of the federal bite. LeBron James and I would be paying over 52, 53% off the top, just state and federal. I think it's partly one of the reasons why LeBron James came down here. It's one of the reasons Tiger Woods lives in Florida, no state income tax, of course! Now, he'll never say it, unlike I will say it, he'll never say, doesn't want people to think he's a mercenary guy, he's in this for championships, you see...
Limbaugh's economic theory is a contrast from Ric Bucher's speculation that LeBron might stay in Cleveland as informed by his friendship with down-to-earth billionaire Warren Buffet.

Its worth noting that Rush Limbaugh, arguably the most influential Villain in America is associating himself with the two biggest villains in sports today, Tiger Woods and LeBron James. To be fair, Rush has always been hated whilst Tiger and LeBron's status as "megaheels" is an inverse result of their former clean-cut popularity. Such is their fall from grace that Rush Limbaugh, a man of great influence and wealth but passionately hated as much as he is adored maybe Tiger and Lebron's closest peer.

Colorful commentator, Bill 'The Sports Guy' Simmons makes some wrestling references in describing LeBron James. From inferring Lebron is the biggest villain in sports, likening Lebron's betrayal to Hulk Hogan's "heel turn" at WCW's 1996 'Bash at the Beach' and suggesting friends Lebron, Bosh and Wade were conspiring in a big wrestling style "work" (charade).

You can find these references by listening to this compelling exchange between Dan Le Batard and Bill Simmons - The B.S. Report: 7/9 (July 10, 2010)
Or by reading Simmon's postmortem on the LeBacle - Welcome to the All-LeBron sound-off

Find the infamous Hogan Heel turn clip at ESPN - There is a New World Order in the NBA. The analogy is almost too poetic as you can read from the commentary
VIDEO: Hulk Hogan joins Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and founds the NWO - WCW Bash at The Beach 1996
COMMENTATOR: What has he done?! Oh my God is he the third man? What the hell is going on here? Hulk Hogan has betrayed WCW. He is the third man in this picture. What the hell is going on. Oh my God are you kidding me, probably the lowest shot ever given to professional wrestling...

HULK HOGAN: As far as I'm concerned, all this crap in the ring represents these fans out here. For two years brother, for two years I held my head up high. I did everything for the charities. I did everything for the kids. And the reception I got when I came out here from the fans, you can stick it brother. If it wasn't for Hulk Hogan you wouldn't be here...

'The Daily Show' is accused of being sexist. The Daily Show women respond.

Women of the Daily Show
A good rundown from The Onion's AV club
"Women of The Daily Show" respond to accusations that show is sexist
On June 23, deliciously feminist-y site Jezebel posted an article titled "The Daily Show's Woman Problem" that accused the Jon Stewart-helmed Comedy Central program of being "a boys' club where women's contributions are often ignored and dismissed." Backing up the author's claims were testimonies from former staffers who said that the show's creative environment marginalized them with its "too cool for school" attitude, which left no room for womanish "emotional vulnerability." The author then went on to suggest (seemingly based entirely on a bitter quote from a rejected "female comedian who has auditioned multiple times") that the recent hiring of G4's Olivia Munn was motivated at least partially by her looks. Even more damning: The article's repeating of rumors about Jon Stewart, whom one anonymous "former executive" says "runs The Daily Show with joyless rage,"...
You can find the open letter from the women of 'The Daily Show' here - Women of The Daily Show Speak

Comedy aficionado Sharilyn Johnson of offers her perspective on the controversy:
We’re here! We’re peers! Get used to it!
Look, Jezebel is Jezebel and we’re smart enough to read between the lines. Former employees might be bitter, the story might have been written to fit a narrative, and so on. We understand those tricks — we watch your show, remember?

But the ladies’ hyper-defensiveness does nothing to create transparency or shed light on the complicated grey area where sexism usually lives...

This whole idea of how-dare-we think such things about their precious workplace? Really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. A bad, orchestrated, Comedy Central PR department taste in my mouth.
The Third-Beat offers some great resources on the theme of women and 'late night' via its panel recaps. Whilst the example below is exclusively on the topic of women, you will find that the issue is often visited in panel discussions amongst late night comedy staff due to the obviously disproportionate representation of women.
Women & Late Night TV: A Paley Panel Pointform
Successful late-night comedy writers with vaginas
Ann Cohen (Best Week Ever)
Jill Goodwin (The Late Show with David Letterman)
Hallie Haglund (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)
Morgan Murphy (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
Meredith Scardino (The Colbert Report)
Moderated by Allison Silverman (The Colbert Report, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Late Night With Conan O’Brien)
Paley Center for Media, New York
May 13, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Former WWF wrestler Nikolai Volkoff 's political bid in 2006

VIDEO: Nikolai Volkoff cuts a promo on the American People

Another interesting Wrestling meets politics story that predates the blog:
Another Former Pro Wrestler Seeks Political Fortune
WASHINGTON — When Nikolai Volkoff made an entrance during the height of his fame years ago, he was greeted by boos. Now he hopes for applause.

That's because Volkoff, who as a symbol of the communist Soviet Union in the 1980s was considered one of the most notorious professional wrestlers, is preparing for a run at the House of Delegates in September.

The 6-foot-3, 300-pound Volkoff, now a Baltimore County code inspector, is a veteran of the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) from the 1980s...
The article continues to mention Volkoff's motivations for his wrestling persona and his bid for office, citing America's freedoms and opportunity
Volkoff, a U.S. citizen since 1970 and now a registered Republican, is actually from Yugoslavia, not the Soviet Union, and has spent the last 10 years learning America's democratic process. He said he supports the GOP because its members helped liberate his country.

"They loved me when I wrestled. I made a good living. I just want to give something back," Volkoff said. "I was a good wrestler and now I want to be a good politician."

Volkoff, who plans to make an official announcement in May, fled his native country at 19 and chose his wrestling character to educate Americans about the evils of communism, which he calls "the worst shape of capitalism."
A few wrestling columnists go on to affirm what this blog has always championed, the natural nexus between wrestling and politics
But unlike other political outsiders, wrestlers have a natural affinity for the public stage and Volkoff is no different, said Alex Marvez, a wrestling columnist for Scripps-Howard News Service.

"It's not unprecedented for performers to make this move," Marvez said. "You have to convince people to believe in your character. You need to have oratory skills and read an audience. It's a gift that can translate to a political realm."
And not surprisingly whilst PunditFight argues that the nexus exists, it doesn't necessarily mean people like it or think its a positive thing
Patrick L. McDonough, R-Baltimore County, a Democratic delegate from 1979 to 1983, is convinced that his delegation will prevail in elections over a code inspector "giving out tickets nobody wants" and who lacks any political experience.

"It's not a circus, it's not a wrestling match, it's about peoples lives, it's about policy," McDonough said. "Hitting someone over the head with a chair does not really qualify you."
In case you're wondering, Nikolai's bid was unsuccessful garnering 6% percent of the vote for the 2006 Maryland Republican Primary for State Delegate in District 7.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

You could've watched UFC 116 (Lesnar VS Carwin) alongside Harry Reid and Dana White

Nevada Senator Harry Reid with UFC President Dana White
Former boxer and Nevada Senator, Harry Reid recently held a competition for ringside tickets to the biggest Heavyweight event in UFC history.
Win Tickets to UFC 116! Sit with Dana White and Harry Reid!
I've been a fight fan ever since I boxed as a young man, and the UFC's impressive rise has certainly caught my attention. As Bruce Buffer would say, "it's time" for another great fight in Las Vegas! UFC 116 at the MGM Grand will bring thousands of visitors and millions of dollars to Las Vegas, giving our local economy a real boost at a time when we really need it.

You can enter to win a free ticket to sit with me and Dana White at UFC 116 by texting DANA to 42779 from your mobile phone* or sign up online at

-Harry Reid
UFC 116 featured former wrestler turned MMA star Brock Lesnar defending his title against interim Heavyweight Champion Shane Carwin. The following PPV, UFC 117 promises to be interesting for PunditFight followers as it features "aspiring" Senator Chael Sonnen challenging middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Compilation of classic Jon Stewart appearances with Dennis Miller

Here is a nice trip through the good ole days courtesy of Live06x's YouTube channel. Dennis Miller is a seasoned comedy veteran who famously became more partisan after 9/11. In this classic collection of interviews with friend Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller is quite apolitical.

You can find a collection of Dennis Miller appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart here.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Dennis Miller Live 1995
JON STEWART: ... [People] are getting used to it. Rather than the dumbing of America its more the numbing of it. You see so much on television and you see so much comedy or you see so much programs that you are no longer watch it and get stimulated by it like you used to. There's so many channels.

It sort of like we're watching this never ending auto race. You know and we just sit there and its sort of distracting, its sort of pleasant. But you're really just waiting for a car to fly out of control into the grandstand...
VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Dennis Miller Live 1997
JON STEWART: ... I don't think individual bad habits are as destructive as group -- I think the most destructive habit in America is belief. Is Ideology. You know you saw that in that [Heaven's Gate] cult...

People are too weak of mind and they get together and they end up completely -- That's when mass destruction occurs. You never see a group of junkies going out on a Saturday night to beat the sh*t out of gay people. Its always a group wearing the same hat, chanting the same thing. Ideology

DENNIS MILLER: Its tough to sell the pro-junkie statement public
VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Dennis Miller Live 1998
JON STEWART: The tough thing for hypochondriac is have you ever met someone who's really sick. And t'hen you just feel like a giant asshole. Where you're literally saying "I'm a hypochondriac" and I'll meet a guy who has a brain tumor.

Like if the boy next door lived next to 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Where you're like "I'm worried about the wolf. I can't go out of my house" and [she's like] "He ate my grandmother".
VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Dennis Miller Live 2000
JON STEWART: Its just like in Terminator 2, he [Al Gore] touches then he inhabits. He's a bad actor and that's why people are calling him on it cause Clinton's the same actor but he's good at it. He's a good actor...

Clinton's a good actor. Gore's a sh*tty actor so people don't like 'em. Bush - he's just reading the prompter. He doesn't know what the f*ck is going on. Last thing he remembers he was running the Texas Rangers

DENNIS MILLER: (sardonically) Ain't nothing wrong with reading the prompter Johnny
(both comedians burst into laughter)

Ann Coulter not impressed by former Wrestling CEO turned Senate Candidate Linda McMahon

Considering Ann Coulter is no fan of the degeneration of politics into pro-wrestling, its no surprise she doesn't endorse Linda McMahon's place as Republican representative for Connecticut. In the piece she pleads ignorance when it comes to her understanding of wrestling, odd considering her persona is built on the template of a classic wrestling heel (Villain).

Coulter has written two pieces citing Linda McMahon, a piece for 'Human Events' and 'Jewish World Review':

1) Coulter on 'Human Events'
Republicans on Track to Snatch Defeat From Jaws of Victory
Naturally, therefore, Republicans are planning on running a World Wrestling Entertainment "impresario" against Blumenthal. Yes, in Connecticut ... a state that is among the wealthiest and most highly educated in the nation ... a state that isn't Minnesota. The average Nutmegger doesn't even know what a turnbuckle is, and that includes me.

Republicans could run Rob Simmons, a Connecticut legislator with a distinguished record of service in the House of Representatives, the CIA, and as a Yale political science professor -- who actually did serve in Vietnam, winning two Bronze Stars and retiring as a colonel.

But defeat is so close! Republicans can almost taste the bitterness of yet another crushing loss!
2) Coulter's piece for 'Jewish World Review'
Instead of sitting around, idly predicting massive Republican landslides this fall, how about GOPers work on running candidates who might actually win?
... But no matter how much the local press flacks for Blumenthal, people won't soon forget that he lied about his Vietnam service...

Connecticut Republicans have done nothing to deserve this gift. All they need to do is field a candidate who isn't inextricably linked to professional frigging wrestling.

Instead, last month, a majority of Republican caucus-goers favored professional wrestling impresario Linda McMahon, based on her offer to spend "up to" $50 million of her own money on the campaign.
McMahon would be a fantastic choice if money were associated with electoral victory. But it's not.


So Republicans better have a more impressive reason for picking Linda McMahon than "She'll spend up to $50 million of her own money."
But they don't.
Any half-wit knows Connecticut will not vote for a professional wrestling "impresario" for the U.S. Senate. So unless Republicans have secret information that Blumenthal does enjoy dressing up in diapers, Republicans are forfeiting a Senate seat for no reason.