Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stephen Colbert will finish his show in 11 days, soon to replace David Letterman on 'Late Show'

Sadly our time is nearly up. Arguably the most beloved PunditFighter is leaving his post as influential Political Satirist to fill the shoes of an iconic American entertainer:
Stephen Colbert Will Take Over for David Letterman, CBS Announces
Letterman, the legendary, critically acclaimed host of the CBS late night series for 21 years, announced his retirement on his April 3 broadcast. Colbert’s premiere date as host of THE LATE SHOW will be announced after Mr. Lettermen determines a timetable for his final broadcasts in 2015.
Specific creative elements, as well as the producers and the location for the Colbert-hosted LATE SHOW, will be determined and announced at a later date.
To commemorate his influence on Washington and to punctuate the homestretch with a bang, Stephen is broadcasting a special from the Nation's Capital:

Stephen Colbert presents: Mr. Colbert goes to Washington, D.C. Ya later, Legislator:
Partisan is such sweet sorrow: A Colbert victory lap '014
Announcing the Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington Special 
STEPHEN COLBERT: because as of tonight there are only 11 episodes of the 'Colbert Report' left... a lesser Newsman might stoop to a cheap publicity stunt before going off the air... but I for one have no time for a shameful last-ditch ratings grab because I'm too busy planning this coming Monday's show where I will be broadcasting the Colbert Report from Washington D.C.
Yes! It is my farewell to Washington special "Stephen Colbert presents: Mr. Colbert goes to Washington, D.C. Ya later, Legislator: Partisan is such sweet sorrow: A Colbert victory lap '014"

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Karl Rove channels 'The Rock' with a Nursery Rhyme promo on President Obama

Republican Strategist Karl Rove channeled Wrestling Legend  'The Rock' by delivering a Nursery Rhyme promo on President Obama after his scandalous "Chai Salute" disembarking off Marine One.

VIDEO: Karl Rove not surprised by "Latte Salute" from President Obama
VIDEO: Obama Gives Marines a ‘Latte Salute’
SEAN HANNITY: Did you see the Latte Salute? The President gets off Marine One today --Hang on-- obviously you've seen it. Would President Bush ever do that?
KARL ROVE: Are we surprised? After all we've got a Chai-swillin, golf-playing, basketball-trashtalking, leading-from-behind, I-got-no-strategy, Osama Bin Laden-is-dead, GM-is-alive, Community-organising Commander-in-Chief. How disrespectful was that? Insensitive.
HANNITY: I was shocked. You can't stop and salute the brave men and women, what is that?
Watch the Rock delivering his patented Nursery Rhyme promo style

VIDEO: "The Rock is a Jabroni-beating..."
THE ROCK: Jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trail-blazing, eyebrow-raising, heart-stoppin', elbow-droppin', electrifying-the-dirty-South, so know your role and shut your mouth, the brahma bull, ever-defiant, standing as tall as 'Andre the Giant', this night Wrestlemania Atlanta, the Georgia Dome is bigger than Christmas so no offense Santa because the Rock is bringing it all over Atlanta.

If ya smeeeeeellalalalaloww what the Rock is Cookin'
Read more about the "Chai Salute" brouhaha:
- Full Sean Hannity segment - WATCH: Obama Gives Marines a ‘Latte Salute’
- Talking Points Memo: Conservative Media Freaks Out Over Obama's 'Latte Salute'
- The Colbert Report: Obama's Coffee Cup Salute
O'Reilly on 'Latte Salute': 'Have to Cut Obama Some Slack Once in a While'
- Jon Stewart on Fox News' 'Latte Salute' Coverage: "F*ck You and your False Patriotism"

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Conservative Pundits and the "Great Unwashed": Comedian Russell Brand with Sean Hannity. Rock Star Andrew W.K with Glenn Beck

Comedian Russell Brand VS Sean Hannity.
Rock Star Andrew W.K. and Glenn Beck
Rock Star Andrew W.K. in conversation with Glenn Beck, invited after his empathetic commentary on the 'Village Voice' resonated with the Conservative Talker.

VIDEO: Glenn Beck Interviews Andrew W.K. | "Glenn Beck Program"
GLENN BECK: How do we get people to shed the argument of Politics and also shed the cynicism that "You can't change, you really believe that. You were part of the problem!". Yes we all were, how do we get there?
ANDREW W.K: It's very good question and perhaps the pondering of that question is one of the best ways to get there. Staying in touch with the puzzle that it is to be alive and connecting with other people in that way. The confusion that we feel in trying to decide what we think, what we believe. That's natural and I think its actually very healthy to dive as deep as we can into beliefs, ideas and opinions and allow them to make us passionate and inflame us at times but to never let them replace who we really are deep down inside which is a person. And at the worst we lose sight that other people who have different feelings than us, that they're not people

BECK: The problem is people think that you are surrendering your values cause I still believe the things I believe. I still believe they're important... That's what I felt I was fighting for but I got lost in being part of the problem. But people will tell me "You can't give up!". I'm not giving up, I still believe in those things but I don't believe in the way we were trying to attain those things or to defend those things
W.K: I completely agree and I think its very noble to be able to recognise that in oneself. Its very easy to get lost in your passion and to be humbled occasionally doesn't mean you're a weak person... to be weak in terms of being open-hearted and open-minded isn't a flaw. In fact to be too proud to have moments of being humbled that's more flawed than anything. Its a way to hold on to who you are but not let define you in a way that cuts you from the rest of humanity.
Comedian Russell Brand in a firefight with Fox News' pundit Sean Hannity

VIDEO: Israel/Palestine, Russell Brand/Sean Hannity: Round 2 (The Trews E114)
CLIP OF SEAN HANNITY (3m 20s): But apparently Russell can't get that through his thick head and possibly fathom that this is the reality
RUSSELL BRAND: Its not reality, its a combination of speculation, conjecture and highly contextualised, selected information. That's not reality, that's piecing together a narrative that fits in with Fox News' World view and his own bigoted World view. That's not reality, that's a tiny aperture through which bigoted and particular information is glimpsed, That's sort of the opposite of all-encompassing, wonderful, unknowable reality

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brony Glenn Beck wallpaper: #StandWithGrayson

It's been a while since I've made dedicated Wallpapers but it's worth the wait for "Brony" Glenn Beck
#StandWithGrayson: Brony Glenn Beck wallpaper
#StandWithGrayson: Brony Glenn Beck wallpaper (small)
#StandWithGrayson: Brony Blaze logo
Find other Glenn Beck Wallpapers here:
- Beck, Colbert and Stewart Posters for 'Rally to Restore Sanity' and 'March to keep Fear Alive'
Glenn Beck vs. Rush Limbaugh: Politico wonders what the rise of Glenn means to Rush's influence

Monday, March 17, 2014

Glenn Beck is the Brony Messiah: #StandWithGrayson in solidarity for a 9yr old student bullied for his 'My Little Pony' lunch bag

Last week President Obama made headlines for appearing on Zach Galifianakis' faux interview show 'Between Two Ferns' presented by 'Funny or Die'. Whilst critics found the parody beneath the dignity of Presidential office, others saw it as astutely reaching out to the youth using their language.

President Obama has always had a crossover appeal due to his perceived cool which proponents (Bill Maher) and detractors (Roseanne Barr) have been critical of in the past. Ultimately its a play for a younger, connected audience. This week, arguably the most influential person on the Right went for an equally influential youth audience - Glenn Beck revealed himself as a "Brony".

VIDEO: Know Your Meme: My Little Pony  
KNOW YOUR MEME: (4m) Whilst it may seem the initial fires of war have subsided and each side, those who seek the magical friendship of Ponydom and those who see it a cancer to the web are locked into an unbreakable stalemate. It is prophecised that one great Brony will unite the herd and usher in a new era of love and tolerance to the entire web.
Is Glenn Beck the prophecised Brony Messiah?
Glenn Beck came to the defense of  9 year old Grayson Bruce who was bullied in his Buncombe County school for bringing a 'My Little Pony' lunch bag. Showing solidarity with the boy and his mother, Beck spoke of the callousness of the School Counsellor who suggested he "should hide his lunch box in his backpack and that when you carry things like that these things happen."
#StandWithGrayson: Glenn stands in solidarity with a 9-year-old NC student
GLENN BECK: We're not aficionados on My Little Pony. But I am an aficionado on what it takes to be a man in today's world. And just because you like little ponies means nothing. You having the courage to be who you are and stand up no matter what society says, that is worth its weight in gold.
Send us your snapshots or whatever else you might have and we'll post them. And Grayson, if you and your mom ever want to come down to Dallas, you let me know. You can bring your My Little Pony lunch bag, and I might bring My Little Pony lunch bag. And we can have lunch.
Brony Glenn Beck: Welcome to the Herd.
Brony Glenn Beck: Don't Feed the Parasprites

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Avengers assemble! Glenn Beck's 2014 Summer Rally with Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter and possibly Rush Limbaugh

VIDEO: RWW News - Glenn Beck Teases Pre-Election Conservative Summit 
Beck Teases Pre-Election Conservative Summit with Hannity, Levin & Limbaugh
GLENN BECK: I wrote to Sean about a week before I went on vacation and I said "Sean, I do these summer events and this summer, we haven't announced it yet, but I would like to consider doing the first night of a three night event with you and Mark and possibly Rush [if anybody has the guts to ask Rush] and he wrote back immediately "I'm in. I'll talk to Mark"...
This summer event, we hope to announce in the next couple of weeks. I'm thinking it'll be in June... coincidentally this is the summer leading into the Midterm elections...
PAT GRAY: It'd be weird to be united leading into the Midterm elections... It'd be really sad for the other side
Glenn Beck's Summer Rally 2014:
Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck used a cartoon reference to describe this union of Pundit heavyweights, "when Wonder Twins activate… Something big is happening". I would have preferred a wrestling reference but I feel another set of comic book superfriends are more apt - The Avengers!

Glenn Beck's Summer Rally 2014:
"Avengers Assemble!" edition
Ann Coulter as The Black Widow
A femme fatale, perennially in Black. Ann is tasked with coaxing the powerful Rush Limbaugh into the fold.

Sean Hannity as Captain America
Sean is a "Great American" and a leader in his own right. He is a patriot with a throwback style.

Glenn Beck as Iron Man
A wealthy industrialist and recovering alcoholic, Glenn Beck is the head of this motley crew of conservative pundits

Mark Levin as Thor
Wielding his hammer of justice, Levin is a lawyer with a thunderous voice. Despite fighting alongside Iron Man [Glenn Beck], they have had their battles in the past.

Rush Limbaugh as The Incredible Hulk
You wouldn't want to see him angry. A one man wrecking crew, Rush is the Lethal Weapon crucial to the Avengers winning the war.

Play with the new APF animation below. Toggle the button on the corner left to see the "Avengers Assembled":

- War is over: Sean Hannity and Mark Levin call truce with Glenn Beck

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

War is over: Sean Hannity and Mark Levin call truce with Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck appears on Fox Business' Imus in the Morning (Oct 5, 2009)
Glenn Beck on Career, Life Choices
DON IMUS: Saw you on the cover of Time Magazine. Your book's #1 I noticed this week. Sean Hannity, Rush they both hate you
GLENN BECK: No. No they don't
IMUS: They all hate you
Glenn Beck is arguably the most influential pundit in America today. Placing #34 on the 2013 Forbes Celebrity 100 list. He has amassed upwards of 300,000 paying subscribers for his online Blaze Network and attracts tens of thousands to his Summer rallies. Whilst Beck's popularity with audiences shows no sign of abating, he's always had a mixed reception from his peers.

Rush Limbaugh receives universal praise from his colleagues, Beck previously writing a tribute for the perennial Alpha dog for the Time 100 list. Other pundits are quick to come to Rush' aid when he has come under fire despite being entirely capable of defending himself. Beck hasn't enjoyed such support, in the past Mark Levin has patronisingly referred to him as the "5PM'er", a "circus clown" and the "guy with tourettes". Glenn's 2010 CPAC speech had the distinction of uniting Jon Stewart, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh in deriding it.

VIDEO: John Cena chooses The Rock as his partner for Survivor Series

For the most part no pundit is an island. They're cordial with each other, have a sense of solidarity and will appear on each other's shows. Only Limbaugh, Beck and to a lesser extent Michael Savage have the Main Event clout to remain solo. To Beck's credit, he's the only one with the foresight and grace to seek partnerships, mending a rivalry that would not only assist his peers but galvanizes the cause and elevate him higher still. As this exchange on Hannity demonstrates, Beck is doing fine on his own and doesn't really need any help -
Glenn Beck's next Summer rally alongside
Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin and possibly Rush Limbaugh
Lies, Incompetence & Polling Woes: Hour 3 (Dec 17, 2013)
ANN COULTER: (25m 30s) Is this going to be in Dallas?...
GLENN BECK: We did Dallas two years ago [Restoring Love, 7.28.12]
SEAN HANNITY: You sold out Dallas Stadium?
BECK: Yeah, Cowboys Stadium
HANNITY: You did not sell...
BECK: Yeah we did. Two years ago and only spoken word to do it
HANNITY: How many seats are in Cowboys Stadium?
BECK: For spoken word there is 60
HANNITY: 60, 63 thousand. Something like that. Did you do it in the big stadium with the big
BECK: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was amazing. It was fun.
COULTER: Glenn, do you realise you don't need us
BECK: No I think its really good - I personally think that people on our side, we're winning the argument
Beck explained the dissolution of the "foolish" feud that wedged him apart from influential talkers Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. On the January 30th episode of his show Beck shared the full story:
Glenn explains how he reconnected with Mark Levin and Sean Hannity
GLENN BECK: I am grateful to this audience. I am grateful for you. There was a stupid feud, and the three of us, Sean, and Mark and I, have talked about it... And we know where it came from, and we know who was feeding us lies about each other. And this individual just expected that if they fed us enough lies about each other, we would never talk to each other. And that way he would be able to divide us and keep the Tea Party movement at bay and control it as much as he could or destroy it. And we were foolish.

We are at the end and if talk radio begins to move together and we all understand: I don't do what Sean Hannity does, and he can't do what I can do. Same with Mark. I mean that… Everybody plays a different role. And each of us have an important piece
This is an interesting development for Conservative Talk Radio, especially Beck's consolidation of influence. Glenn not being a wrestling fan used a Saturday Cartoon analogy to describe the improbable teaming of powers "when Wonder Twins activate… Something big is happening... unless you're a progressive then I don’t think you’re going to like this".

Stay tuned as these Avengers Assemble.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

When Politicans and Wrestlers threathen reporters: Rep. Michael Grimm and WWE Champion Randy Orton get mad

Professional Wrestling is fake. Like Santa Claus, its an open secret many of us grow up not being aware of. Fake however only tells half the story. Whilst the Wrestlers adhere to a choreographed structure they may improvise their lines and moves to heighten audience reaction. Its highly dynamic as the audience and performers are sensitive and play off each other's cues.

In wrestling, "kayfabe" is the art of preserving the illusion that wrestling is real. There was a time when Wrestlers remained in character at all times, limited access in those days allowed for choreographed press stunts which maintained the ruse. Wrestling is real the same way Reality TV is, the audience senses its choreographed but in reality the lines are blurred. Wrestling has a higher level of hyperreality as they at times will intentionally obfuscate truth to keep fans guessing, this is called a "work". When real scandals occur and get played out in the media, they often incorporate these events into storylines. The line between fiction and reality is always in flux.

Real betrayals have happened in the ring, a Champion wrestler dropped his title unexpectedly due to real-life conflict with management. Dubbed the "Montreal Screwjob" there is still speculation as to how complicit the players were and how authentic the shock and anger was. When Owen Hart tragically died after collapsing in a high-wire stunt during the 'Over the Edge (1999)' PPV, the pretend nature of the business confused many in attendance. Staged dramatic injuries and deaths are commonplace in wrestling.

Outside of Sports Entertainment, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is the most visible in carrying this tradition of performance art trickery. Following in the legendary footsteps of comedian and wrestling fan, Andy Kaufman. These pranks operate on realistic heightened performances in front of unsuspecting audience members. Some "actors" are in play and consent is usually guaranteed by establishments and operators beforehand. For best effect, important people including those appearing on-air are kept out of the loop to ensure authentic reactions.

VIDEO: Randy Orton goes off on a Mexican Reporter
following up on an irritating, trivial question
REPORTER: You sound pretty fragile?
RANDY ORTON: Listen to this. You wanna talk sh-t to me on your own show here and make you look cool. You wanna look cool? Say it to my face. I'm serious. Look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!!!. Now say it again, say it again. I DARE YOU TO SAY IT AGAIN!
Call me fragile. I will headbutt your teeth through your skull. Do you hear me?
REPORTER: You spit on me. That's not polite
ORTON: Say something funny again Boy! Say something funny.
REPORTER: I'm not trying to be funny.
ORTON: I'm done
Its unclear whether this Mexican Reporter was encouraged beforehand to antagonise Champion Wrestler Randy Orton but his producers surely got the content they were after. Veteran reporter John Stossel profiling Wrestling for 20/20 won north of $400,000 in damages after actually being hit by wrestler David "Dr D" Schultz in response to some provocative questioning. An example of when "Kayfabe goes wrong".

VIDEO: Reporter John Stossel slapped by David "Dr D" Schultz

Making headlines today, Republican Congressman Michael Grimm had a wrestling style outburst on camera after the 2014 State of the Union address. It echoes the traditional Reporter confrontations that happen in Pro-Wrestling but without the gains. Just real emotion from a hot blooded New Yorker.

VIDEO: Rep. Michael Grimm threatens attack News reporter during interview
REPORTER: So Congressman Michael Grimm does not want to talk about some of the allegations concerning his campaign finances. We wanted to get him on camera on that but as you saw he refused to get on camera to talk about that. Back to you.

Congressman Grimm returns to confront the reporter after the feed returns to the Station
REPORTER: What? I just wanted to ask you…
CONGRESSMAN GRIMM: Let me be clear to you, you ever do that to me again I’ll throw you off this f—–g balcony.
REPORTER: Why? I Just wanted to ask you

cross talk
GRIMM: If you ever do that to me again...
REPORTER: Why? Why? It’s a valid question.
GRIMM: No, no, you’re not man enough, you’re not man enough. I’ll break you in half. Like a boy.
This episode does not signal the end for Congressman Michael Grimm's political career. Anger Management is important in leadership but if this is in keeping with his character the voters will forgive him. At best his colorful personality can be parlayed into a media career outside of politics. Outspoken former Congressman Anthony Weiner is the shining example. He originally found attention for his impassioned Wrestling-style promos on the house floor, his political career derailed by a sexting twitter scandal. Anthony has remained relevant in the media landscape with his brash persona, becoming the Charles Barkley of Political Media if you will.

He offers his "humble opinion" to fellow New Yorker Michael Grimm in an Op-ed for the 'Daily News'
Anthony Weiner's advice to Rep. Michael Grimm on how to get along with reporters 
First, if you don’t want to talk about a scandal in which you’re embroiled, whatever that scandal may be, maybe it’s best that you don’t do interviews for a while. For that matter, you may not want to attend community meetings, visit your office or go a sporting event. Fact is, an investigation that’s hanging over your head is the kind of thing people might be curious about. People ask you about embarrassing stuff even when you want to talk about other things. Especially when you want to talk about other things...
- Find other Kayfabe posts here
- Republican James Oddo lays the smack down

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Seinfeld on Howard Stern speculating why Dennis Miller is doing Political talk "He's doing what he wants to do... but I don't like it"

Jerry Seinfeld offers his thoughts on friend Dennis Miller. His thoughts speak more to Jerry's outlook more than anything else.
VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld on Howard Stern (June 26, 2013)
HOWARD STERN: (31m 35s) You mentioned a few minutes ago Dennis Miller. Dennis, brilliant standup comedian
JERRY SEINFELD: Brilliant, one of my favorites
STERN: But when you see what he's doing now, he's doing a Political show and stuff like that. Because you love standup comedy, do you sit there and think "Why is he doing that? Why is he revealing his hand politically"
SEINFELD: I think I know why he's doing it
STERN: Why is he doing it?
SEINFELD: That's what he wants to do
STERN: Yeah but does it bother you in some way?
SEINFELD: In some way
SEINFELD: I love comedy
STERN: Right and now you feel he's not being the funny guy, he's sort of being the angry -
SEINFELD: He's free to do that, that's his choice
STERN: That's understood that's his choice but I wanna know how you feel about it?
SEINFELD: I don't like it
STERN: Have you told him that
STERN: But what don't you like about it specifically
SEINFELD: I just miss funny Denny just doing bits. But a lot of those guys Howard they don't want to lift those weights. Its like going into the gym everyday. You know how you walk in everyday and you go "I gotta do his again? A lot of guys don't want to do it. Its brutal... but you're blessing in life is when you find the torture you're comfortable with