Saturday, July 20, 2013

Marc Maron on the Joe Rogan Experience talks about the Zimmerman verdict and "reactionary politics"

VIDEO: Joe Rogan Experience #374 - Marc Maron  
JRE #374 - Marc Maron
JOE ROGAN: (18m 15s) Its almost like they want brownie points for running towards a progressive point in an aggressive way...
MARC MARON: Well I think what you have there is clasic reactionary thinking. And I've been that guy, I know what that guy is.
ROGAN: Kudos to you for figuring it out
MARON: After doing political talk radio for a year and a half. Like when I started Air America I was just a reactionary guy. I was a leftie guy but I was not educated. So basically anything that was anti-authority, anti-republican, anti-war, I'd be like "F·ck that guy!". I mean my comedy was like that to some degree. But when you get in the trenches of it and you really start to educate yourself on what issues are. How radio personalities are being used by political parties to move talking points. What the talking points are?

When it comes to real progressives, they're not so knee-jerk. They're fairly deliberate. They're fairly focused on what elements and causes are that will facilitate slow change. Rapid change is not really possible. But with these kinds of issues are quick. I tweeted something yesterday that "Occasional self-righteousness way more annoying than consistent self-righteousness"
ROGAN: Exactly. That's true.

MARON: Which is exactly what you're talking about. out of nowhere someone goes "GRRRRRRR" and they don't stand for that any other day or really engage in the public conversation but as soon as there's a hot topic and there's momentum then everybody gets righteous"
As the conversation progressed both comics inevitably touched on their personal differences with each other. As independent alpha males they've had their friction borne out of their personality types (Jocks vs Outsiders). As Maron puts it "our type have been fighting for centuries". Joe Rogan describes the discrimination he gets being stereotyped as a "meathead", Maron interestingly finds this unrelated discussion analogous to their earlier points about the Trayvon Martin issue.
JOE ROGAN: (46m 15s) In your defense, or anyone's defense if I didn't know me I'd assume I was a douchebag... The stereotype of anyone that would be a fighter is hyper aggressive, an asshole. I tried to be as friendly as possible so in my mind, I'm not trying to get sympathy but you get put in this weird kind of prejudice where you're put in this meathead category, automatically treat you like you're causing a problem
MARC MARON: That's interesting cuz that's what black people go through in this Country
ROGAN: I don't think I had it that bad (dismissing). That's cute [though]
MARON: No, no that's not what I was saying but that self consciousness. you know that people are going to judge you a certain a way and you have to behave in relation to the social realities of that stereotype