Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Transcript: Bill O'Reilly Interviews Jon Stewart - Day 2

VIDEO: Bill O'Reilly Interviews Jon Stewart (Day 2, 05/17/11)

Part 2: O'Reilly and Stewart Discuss Presidential Politics
O'REILLY: Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, but left office with high approval rating.
STEWART: I'm sure she did.
STEWART: Then they got to know her.
O'REILLY: No, she left with high approval rating. She was in there.
STEWART: Fair enough.
O'REILLY: Like her?
STEWART: I'm not a particular fan of her style of rhetoric. I think she's too thin-skinned.
O'REILLY: Sounds like Colbert you're describing.
STEWART: Colbert, I would actually endorse for president. She's reminiscent to me much more of a television personality than a politician because I think that her inability to get past slights, it makes it very difficult to -- like I would just imagine her at night just with the hands going, did you see that thing that Maher…

Monday, May 2, 2011

John Cena announces Osama Bin Laden's death at WWE PPV

VIDEO: John Cena Announces Osama Bin Laden Death at WWE Extreme Rules

JOHN CENA: I'm gonna put this down (puts Championship Belt down)

I walk out here every night with "Hustle, Loyalty and Respect" on my sleeve. That is a credo I've adopted from the men and women who defend this country. (crowd cheers)

The President has just announced that we have caught and compromised to a permanent end Osama...

(crowd hoots and chants "USA, USA, USA")

This is the sort of night(?) when I feel damn proud to be an American!
This happens after President Obama appropriated Hulk Hogan's iconic 'Real American' theme to lead into his 2011White House Correspondents' Dinner monologue.

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