Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meme prediction: Romney and Obama go toe to toe at the 2nd Presidential debate

I'm quite late with my meme prediction for the 2nd Presidential Debate but the lasting visuals were apparent for anyone who watched any coverage of the event. Truth be told, the optics were predictable considering the freedom of movement afforded to the Candidates in the Town Hall format.

(16m 12s) Challenger Romney harangues President Obama
in regards to his handling of local oil production
(1h 4m) Romney challenges Obama on his own "Chinese Investments",
questioning if he's checked his pension of late

Friday, October 12, 2012

Meme prediction: Joe Biden can't control his laughter at the Vice Presidential Debate

For the Vice Presidential debate, the meme has to be Joe Biden dismissing Paul Ryan with uncontrollable laughter. Reminiscent of a wrestler bristling off a challenge from someone he considers no contest.

Joe Biden laughing off Paul Ryan at the Vice Presidential Debate
APF Pundit Dennis Miller conceded Biden's performance might have been considered a win but also off-putting to some
The Dennis Miller Show: Give Biden a 10
BIDEN: I do think he was perfectly emblematic of contemporary liberals... that's how I see them, how I saw Biden last night - protective of their time, covetous of yours. Constantly laughing, grinning or throwing their hands up when you're making your point and expect that you'll sit there and act like you're in cyclical when you're speaking. And usually to pull that off they need a magician's assistant (Debate Moderator Martha Raddatz)...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Glenn Beck says Romney might've been sick "this was a performance with him not feeling well"

MSNBC on suicide watch, admits they are Obama propaganda machine
GLENN BECK: By the way did anyone else notice that Romney had kinda of like a pink upper lip. It looks like he's been sick. I don't know if he was sick but I bet you that he was a sick. This was a performance with him not feeling well... Did you notice the upper lip with it being a little pink from tissue. I think he's got a cold, if this is a guy on Nyquil I'm in. "You had me at Hello"
Its common in the fight game for a fighter to conceal any injuries before entering a fight to not expose possible weaknesses. Sometimes mild illnesses before battle provide for good psychology. Its never used as an excuse for defeat but on the flipside can create a narrative that a sportsman has an imposing will to win, the most famous example being Michael Jordan's "Flu game".

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Meme prediction: Jim Lehrer losing control over Obama and Romney at the 1st Presidential Debate

This seems like the meme to run with, Jim Lehrer as the hapless wrestling Referee
Jim Lehrer as the hapless referee of the 1st Presidential Debate