Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Political Kombat '12: Obama vs. Romney - Fighting game parody

VIDEO: Political Kombat '12 - Obama vs. Romney

A great Mortal Kombat parody incorporating all the tropes associated with President Obama and the challenger Mitt Romney. The animation created by Taige Jensen and Andrew Bouvé features all the key issues of the Candidate and animates them as 'Special Moves'.
Political Kombat '12: Obama vs. Romney
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NY Times statistician Nate Silver tells Stephen Colbert "he doesn't like pundits"

VIDEO: Nate Silver interview on the 'Colbert Report'
STEPHEN COLBERT: Are you tying to put pundits out of work? Cuz CNN doesn't need any more help
(audience laughter)
NATE SILVER: I'm just trying to explain to people that pundits can be very entertaining but...
COLBERT: What's you opinion on Pundits? C'mon shoot from the hip
SILVER: I'm not very pro-pundit I have to say. I would vote against it... I think a lot of people get on TV and they don't really have a lot of conviction behind them. It kinda becomes a game to entertain the audience or the other half of the audience or whatever else right...
COLBERT: That is the longest possible way of calling him [Joe Scarborough] a bullsh*tter
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