Friday, January 19, 2007


Welcome to the American Pundit Fighting blog. If you are reading this, you have stumbled upon an unfinished blog. At this stage the majority of work i've done in creating this Political Wrestling Federation has been on the 'community/fan feedback' sector which can be found here:

The aforementioned site is where you can go to comment and directly express your feelings and find more about the pundits this Federation will be touching on. The reason it is on myspace is because the networking capabilities of that site shall allow me to collate information and better gauge the reactions people have towards each of the pundits. Just like in wrestling, fan feedback and response will elevate the status and exposure of a particular pundit (they will be discussed and featured more heavily on this blog). Conversely a lack of interest shown on a particular pundit will be noted here and could mean little to no discussion. Remember its negligible whether the feedback is positive or negative. I would encourage everyone to read through the pundit profiles and APF Glossary on the myspace page as it will help in understanding the jargon. I don't forsee that (myspace) site being updated too much by me, though i do expect (fingers crossed) a lot of activity there as far as receiving feedback on the comments page and email.
I hope to compile a video soon illustrating the Glossary terms which should illustrate the startling similarities between wrestling and punditry.
For the meanwhile tell your friends and keep checking in. The federation will only get bigger.

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