Friday, March 23, 2007

Sphere of Influence (1 of 2)

Rush Limbaugh excluding non-paying readers to his audio archives has led me to catalogue the media availability of other APF pundits. I am definitely more respectful of those who make their show archives available. Frankly it helps in extending the pundit's reach in markets untapped and worldwide.

Other forms of entertainment such as Wrestling (WWE and TNA) and Basketball (NBA) host comprehensive archives of their content. With growing global audiences through the internet and cable TV, as well as growing competition between all forms of entertainment. It has become standard for companies to make content freely accessible. In political talk you would think it was more imperative. Besides standard business concerns, pundits are also furthering a social/political agenda. They have an interest in making a cultural footprint. Being seen as a person of influence can lead to future sales (books, advertising, merchandise) but this is only possible if they are heard.

In Rush' case, he is the leading voice of conservatism in America today. Responsible for mobilising a large voting block and a key figure behind the Republican revolution of 1994, his influence will be seriously blunted if he does not make his audio easily available.

Addendum: Rush's myspace page is no longer. I'm not a heavy user of myspace but I always noticed Rush's myspace profile. It was very active. Often 'online' and always greeting newly added friends with a simple "Thank you". Its also sent daily bulletins on Rush' thoughts of the day, which was consistent with Rush' persona as a populist and movement figurehead. At last account, Rush' myspace layout was changed in keeping with the newly redesigned website. I have no idea why his myspace profile would go down as it was a big part of consolidating his profile (in this case the web social community). The site was most probably updated by a staff member or intern, cost cutting measures perhaps? Definitely unusual.

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