Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lou Dobbs smacking down Tim Rutten and the LA Times

In pro wrestling, 'cutting a promo' is the act of getting on the mic and calling out another wrestler. It can be conducted in front of the live audience, in the middle of the ring or spoken direct to camera backstage.

There was a great promo cut by Lou Dobbs yesterday on a "Hack liberal advocate posing as a media critic". Lou is a CNN Anchorman and immigration specialist. He ripped into Tim Rutten of the LA Times for his column (need to register) on CNN's cynical fixation with Immigration.

What is noteworthy about this promo is its the only one I've seen not conducted behind a desk. It's done standing up, like all good wrestler promos.

VIDEO: Lou Dobbs cuts a promo on Tim Rutten and the LA Times

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