Friday, November 20, 2009

Jon Stewart tag teams with Wrestler Mick Foley to protect 10-Year-Old Gay Marriage Activist

Wrestler Mick Foley and Daily Show host Jon Stewart
Via the Huffington Post
Jon Stewart Enlists Pro-Wrestler Mick Foley To Protect 10-Year-Old Gay Marriage Activist (VIDEO)
Last week we told you about young Will Phillips, a boy who refuses to pledge allegiance to the flag and the United States of America until gays and lesbians are allowed to marry. While Will is finding support from op-ed columnists and his parents, the kids at school are not as kind. They are harassing Will and calling him a "gaywad."

Well, last night Jon Stewart decided to do something about it. After praising this precocious 10-year-old, he decided the boy must be protected so he brought out professional wrestler Mick Foley to deliver a message...
This isn't a surprising partnership as I've spoken of Hall-of-Fame wrestler Foley's involvement in Politics and Jon Stewart's support of the wrestling analogy as it relates to politics. The bully protection tag team of Stewart and Foley is reminiscent of wrestling duo 'The APA' (Acolytes Protection Agency), who acted as bodyguards for hire for their fellow wrestlers.

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JON STEWART: This child must be protected. Foley! Ladies and Gentleman, Mick Foley.
(crowd applauds)
MICK FOLEY: Thank You Jon, like a lot of my professional wrestling brethren I was touched by young Will's plight. Well I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do, If I find out that anybody has hassled this young man or teased him or called him a wad of any sort. I and perhaps a few of my friends will come to his school and bring a world of pain...

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