Friday, March 19, 2010

Pete Dominick to appear on nightly 'Pete on the Street' segments on CNNs 'John King, USA'

Great news for fans of APF Pundit Pete Dominick. Widely considered the only true independent on the APF Roster, Pete is much deserving of this expanded exposure.

Via Pete Dominick's Facebook
The Big News: Starting Monday March 22 I will be doing a nightly segment on John King USA on CNN. The show airs at 7pm and the segment is called "Pete on the Street" Check the online preview on tomorrow at 12N
Read a personal review of what the addition of Pete Dominick means to CNN, from DailyKOs diarist 'Save the Clock tower' - UPDATED: Baby steps towards balance: CNN adds Pete Dominick

Update: March 20, 2010

Watch Pete Dominick's first 'Pete on the Street' segment here -
Social Media Manners: Pete Dominick gives us a humorous take on social media manners and miscues

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