Sunday, June 27, 2010

EpixHD presents Janeane Garofalo's new stand-up special 'If you Will'

Actor, comedian and liberal activist Janeane Garofalo will be gracing us with her comedy stylings via subscription site Epix HD. The online movie channel is hosting Janeane's stand-up special taped May 8, 2010 at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA.

You can find plenty of Janeane Garofalo content and interviews as well as watch the entire special via the Garofalo page on EpixHD - Janeane Garofalo: If You Will

Watch Janeane on the Huffington Post responding to reader submitted questions - VIDEO: Janeane Garofalo On Obama vs. McChrystal, Glenn Beck's Douchiness & Justin Bieber's Hair

Read an AV Club interview of Janeane Garofalo here
Onion AV Club interview - Janeane Garofalo
AVC: You gave an interview several years back, deep in the heart of the Bush administration, where you said that the reason that you didn’t do stand-up as much then was that you didn’t find anything funny anymore. So can we assume that you’re ready to laugh again?

JG: Yeah, there was so much stuff that broke my heart during the Bush years that I honestly could not do stand-up without going down one of those tangents and getting very strident. But also I was working at Air America five nights a week, so it was very difficult to do stand-up, because I wasn’t leaving Air America until 11 p.m. So there was that. Now, granted, there are still as many heartbreaking things going on. There are so many things in the Obama administration to be sick over that certainly didn’t change. And also our media, if it’s possible, seems to be getting even worse. The alleged news media. And then there are the teabag racists adding insult to injury. But I don’t have that same heartbreak anymore, because it’s not fresh heartbreak anymore. It’s like I’m used to it. I’m sure we all are just used to it.

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