Friday, June 8, 2007

The week that was: Honorary APF pundits

Two of our favorite honorary APF pundits were in the news this week.

First Eric Alterman, Nation Columnist and the only pundit to feature in the APF Glossary. He was recently arrested during the CNN debate, later released after paying a fine of $30. He clears it up on Atrios' blog. Which goes to show that pundits just like wrestlers will often go afoul of the law.

Watch Eric being arrested captured on video
Via Scarce and Crooks and Liars

Secondly Christopher Hitchens, a pundit with the candor and abrasiveness that suits the APF perfectly. Following on from my previous post, he returned to Hugh Hewitt's show to participate in the much anticipated debate on religion. To recap, Hugh Hewitt softly condemned Christopher Hitchens during a conversation with James Dobson for his remarks against the departed Jerry Falwell. Hitchens is a weekly guest on Hewitt's program and had not appeared since. To the best of my knowledge Hugh has not brought up his objections with Hitchens directly.

The "Great God debate" was a 3 hour showdown between Hitchens and Pastor/Author Mark D. Roberts. Guest refereed by Hugh Hewitt. An entertaining listen.

Listen to the "Great God Debate" Part 1
Listen to the "Great God Debate" Part 2
Listen to the "Great God Debate" Part 3
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