Thursday, March 8, 2012

Atlantic: Rush Limbaugh Should Be Shamed Into Debating Rachel Maddow

'The Atlantic' Promotions presents:
Rachel Maddow VS Rush Limbaugh
Conor Friedersdor does some Political Wrestling fantasy booking for the Atlantic. With all due respect to Conor, this proposal has 0% chance of happening as Rush knows his power lies in the fact that he's capable of constructing his own Matrix, his "Aura" is amassed by never entertaining challengers. Heck Rush rarely has guests on, I remember him once interviewing then-VP Cheney for a rare PR offensive. Otherwise Rush has always taken the stage on his own, he knows that as the undisputed Top Dog sharing it would only surrender his power.
Rush Limbaugh Should Be Shamed Into Debating Rachel Maddow
... Instead of apologies, why not demand that future Limbaughs submit to a public debate? Let the object be to hash things out, not to signal contrition that most people are going to doubt anyway. 

In this case, I'd nominate Rachel Maddow as his interlocutor. She's smart, informed, and adept enough at the broadcast medium to hold her own on a stage with one of America's most technically proficient communicators. She'd need to be prepared, for this wouldn't be a one-sided inquisition.

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