Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Chaser’s Empty Vessel at the 2012 Sydney Writers' Festival

The last time I was at the Sydney Writers' Festival I had the privilege of seeing the late Christoper Hitchens.
The 2012 Festival offers a similarly juicy treat for Political junkies with the The Chaser’s Empty Vessel, what they've described as "A Variety, Talent show without the variety or talent".

@danilic "I'm at The Chaser's Empty Vessel it is like an intellectual gang bang #tcev #swf"
The maiden (Wednesday, May 16) show for 'The Chaser’s Empty Vessel', featured Chaser Muckrakers, Julian Morrow, Chris Taylor, Andrew Hansen, Chas Licciardello and Scott Dooley as they welcomed three authors on stage. Joe McGinnis and Nick Bryant were particularly interesting because of their anecdotes on American Politics. Mcginnis spoke of his friendship with Fox News president Roger Ailes, sharing his blunt appraisal of employee Sarah Palin. Joe is the author of 'The Rogue', a book he wrote whilst being next door neighbors with the the Palins. He shared a few stories proving there's no love lost between himself and the diminutive Todd and revealed having photos that could be gamechangers for the Palins.

Nick Bryant, an Englishman now living in Australia shared his experiences working with the Daily Mail. He offered anecdotes of his time covering Bill Clinton for his uni paper when he was a candidate and being a part of the Lewinsky circus in proceeding years.

There was an interesting exchange where Chris Taylor posed the question if the blurring of politics and entertainment was detrimental, the trivialising of politics is something this blog constantly wrestles with. The authors replied that likability has always been crucial to garnering votes citing how presidents like Nixon and Clinton had used Light Entertainment TV to appeal to the electorate.

The Chaser’s Empty Vessel will be on every evening from May 16th to the 20th  for the Sydney Writers' Festival, featuring authors Joe McGinnis, Glenn Carle, Michael Hastings, Jeffrey Eugenides, Walled Aly and Marc Lewis.

'The Chaser' began as a satirical newspaper but are best known for their TV shows 'The Chaser's War on Everything' and faux news show 'CNNNN'
VIDEO: The Chasers War On Fox News

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