Sunday, July 22, 2012

North Korean film 'Propaganda' (2012) features Professional Wrestling

VIDEO: North Korean film exposes
Western propaganda (9 of 10)
NARRATOR: (8m 50s) This game is based on something called WWE, which stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Extreme violence cheered on by Americans baying for blood. They know the names of each one of these actors and yet they don't know where Britain is on the map despite the efforts of the British to be their best friends 

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SEO WOOK KIM said...

i remember watching american wrestling back in the 1980's. they were loaded with political propaganda. the iron sheik and nikolai volkoff of course were the bad guys. this was designed to make america's youth think of Iran, and Russia as the bad guys. well, i am surprised that today, they dont have a Chinese wrestler taking the place of volkoff, and sheikh.