Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NY Times statistician Nate Silver tells Stephen Colbert "he doesn't like pundits"

VIDEO: Nate Silver interview on the 'Colbert Report'
STEPHEN COLBERT: Are you tying to put pundits out of work? Cuz CNN doesn't need any more help
(audience laughter)
NATE SILVER: I'm just trying to explain to people that pundits can be very entertaining but...
COLBERT: What's you opinion on Pundits? C'mon shoot from the hip
SILVER: I'm not very pro-pundit I have to say. I would vote against it... I think a lot of people get on TV and they don't really have a lot of conviction behind them. It kinda becomes a game to entertain the audience or the other half of the audience or whatever else right...
COLBERT: That is the longest possible way of calling him [Joe Scarborough] a bullsh*tter
- Colbert Mocks Scarborough For Trusting His 'Gut' Over Nate Silver's 'Math'
- How Obama got Elected: John Ziegler vs. Nate Silver

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