Monday, June 24, 2013

Russell Brand shoots on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe'

VIDEO: Russell Brand Unplugged - Letting loose on Morning Joe
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RUSSELL BRAND: Is this what you all do for a living? I'm here to promote a tour called 'Messiah Complex'... You're conveying news to the people of America? People of America we're going to be OK. Everything's alright. These are you're trusted anchors. Is that your news there? Give us your papers, I'll shuffle them for you.
(adopts the role of a news anchor)
We are going to talk about the situation with Edward Snowden...
That’s the problem about current affairs. You forget about what’s important. You allow the agenda to be decided by superficial information. What am I saying? What am I talking about? Don’t think about what I’m wearing. These things are superficial.
Russell Brand on MSNBC: Poking fun at our Newsroom
Comedian Russell Brand appeared on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' program to promote his 'Messiah Complex' comedy tour. The interview had some underlying tension with the three hosts at times talking around or patronising their Comedian Guest. Russell was quick to point this out, eventually hijacking the show then playfully demonstrating how the News should be delivered.

This episode is reminiscent of when Jon Stewart appeared on CNN's 'Crossfire' and admonished his hosts Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson for "Hurting America" when they needed Media the most. 'Crossfire' was cancelled soon after. In wrestling this is known as a 'Shoot Fight'
Shoot Fights: When pundits get personal - Kilmeade VS Garofalo, Stewart VS Crossfire
In wrestling, a 'shoot' is when one of the combatants overrides the agreed script and does something unexpected by injecting real emotion. This may involve actually hitting (physically connecting with) other wrestlers or using very personal verbal attacks. In essence making a fake wrestling scenario or feud into a real one. Shoots aren't necessarily a bad thing as the heightened realism makes for compelling viewing and is sure to garner an audience.

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