Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Seinfeld on Howard Stern speculating why Dennis Miller is doing Political talk "He's doing what he wants to do... but I don't like it"

Jerry Seinfeld offers his thoughts on friend Dennis Miller. His thoughts speak more to Jerry's outlook more than anything else.
VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld on Howard Stern (June 26, 2013)
HOWARD STERN: (31m 35s) You mentioned a few minutes ago Dennis Miller. Dennis, brilliant standup comedian
JERRY SEINFELD: Brilliant, one of my favorites
STERN: But when you see what he's doing now, he's doing a Political show and stuff like that. Because you love standup comedy, do you sit there and think "Why is he doing that? Why is he revealing his hand politically"
SEINFELD: I think I know why he's doing it
STERN: Why is he doing it?
SEINFELD: That's what he wants to do
STERN: Yeah but does it bother you in some way?
SEINFELD: In some way
SEINFELD: I love comedy
STERN: Right and now you feel he's not being the funny guy, he's sort of being the angry -
SEINFELD: He's free to do that, that's his choice
STERN: That's understood that's his choice but I wanna know how you feel about it?
SEINFELD: I don't like it
STERN: Have you told him that
STERN: But what don't you like about it specifically
SEINFELD: I just miss funny Denny just doing bits. But a lot of those guys Howard they don't want to lift those weights. Its like going into the gym everyday. You know how you walk in everyday and you go "I gotta do his again? A lot of guys don't want to do it. Its brutal... but you're blessing in life is when you find the torture you're comfortable with

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