Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Conservative Pundits and the "Great Unwashed": Comedian Russell Brand with Sean Hannity. Rock Star Andrew W.K with Glenn Beck

Comedian Russell Brand VS Sean Hannity.
Rock Star Andrew W.K. and Glenn Beck
Rock Star Andrew W.K. in conversation with Glenn Beck, invited after his empathetic commentary on the 'Village Voice' resonated with the Conservative Talker.

VIDEO: Glenn Beck Interviews Andrew W.K. | "Glenn Beck Program"
GLENN BECK: How do we get people to shed the argument of Politics and also shed the cynicism that "You can't change, you really believe that. You were part of the problem!". Yes we all were, how do we get there?
ANDREW W.K: It's very good question and perhaps the pondering of that question is one of the best ways to get there. Staying in touch with the puzzle that it is to be alive and connecting with other people in that way. The confusion that we feel in trying to decide what we think, what we believe. That's natural and I think its actually very healthy to dive as deep as we can into beliefs, ideas and opinions and allow them to make us passionate and inflame us at times but to never let them replace who we really are deep down inside which is a person. And at the worst we lose sight that other people who have different feelings than us, that they're not people

BECK: The problem is people think that you are surrendering your values cause I still believe the things I believe. I still believe they're important... That's what I felt I was fighting for but I got lost in being part of the problem. But people will tell me "You can't give up!". I'm not giving up, I still believe in those things but I don't believe in the way we were trying to attain those things or to defend those things
W.K: I completely agree and I think its very noble to be able to recognise that in oneself. Its very easy to get lost in your passion and to be humbled occasionally doesn't mean you're a weak person... to be weak in terms of being open-hearted and open-minded isn't a flaw. In fact to be too proud to have moments of being humbled that's more flawed than anything. Its a way to hold on to who you are but not let define you in a way that cuts you from the rest of humanity.
Comedian Russell Brand in a firefight with Fox News' pundit Sean Hannity

VIDEO: Israel/Palestine, Russell Brand/Sean Hannity: Round 2 (The Trews E114)
CLIP OF SEAN HANNITY (3m 20s): But apparently Russell can't get that through his thick head and possibly fathom that this is the reality
RUSSELL BRAND: Its not reality, its a combination of speculation, conjecture and highly contextualised, selected information. That's not reality, that's piecing together a narrative that fits in with Fox News' World view and his own bigoted World view. That's not reality, that's a tiny aperture through which bigoted and particular information is glimpsed, That's sort of the opposite of all-encompassing, wonderful, unknowable reality

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