Monday, May 16, 2016

Billionaire Investor Chris Sacca predicts Mark Cuban will one day be American President, ushered by the Trump phenomenon

Mark Cuban VS Donald Trump
Venture Investor Chris Sacca as guest on the Bill Simmons Podcast posed an interesting theory about what the Donald Trump phenomenon has ushered for Politics moving forward. Whilst most speculate on the fissure in the Republican Party, little has been written about the sudden viability of "Moneyed, Entertainment" candidates for future Presidential runs.

Ep. 95: Billionaire Investor Chris Sacca
CHRIS SACCA: (1h 15m 10s) Can I make a prediction for your audience, I think he will be the President of the United States

SACCA: Mark Cuban will be the President of the United States. I think Hillary wins this election and probably holds on for two terms and I think its an open field and Mark Cuban runs as a very moderate Republican and wins.
So think about it, Donald Trump. One of the things I've learnt that's just been wild from my own personal journey, watching Cuban and watching Trump. Is that the minute you're labelled a Billionaire in this country everyone takes everything you say as Bible. It's just you can do no wrong. They just think that guy's smart, he made a bunch of money, he must be a genius. And it's completely untrue obviously. You know a lot of Billionaires who are wrong about a lot of things, like I love Mark Cuban but he happens to wrong more than he's right and that's why we've become good friends.
But you listen to people who support Donald and you see that they eat the trough of his Bullsh*t but they think it's all inherently true because look the guy is a Billionaire because of these businesses. United States is a Country, it should be run like a business so let's hire a really successful businessman to do it. Cuban has all that. Watch the engagement he has in Twitter and you'll see that people take what he says as Gospel completely.

SIMMONS: So he's a benevolent Trump?
SACCA: That's exactly right. He's not an idiot and he actually does care. And he does read and he is convincible on some things.
I think America loves that guy. He's not an idiot. America takes him at his word cuz he's a Billionaire. I think he's got crossover appeal. He's the American dream. I'm putting it right out there, right now. Mark Cuban will be President of the United States.
Mark Cuban is a Tech Billionaire best known as the outspoken owner of NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks. He is featured on Reality TV series 'Shark Tank' where entrepreneur-contestants pitch to "shark" investors like Cuban and Chris Sacca in hopes of getting assistance for their projects.
Mark Cuban and Donald Trump have a complicated relationship, they've sparred in the past via Twitter. A feud as fanciful an inciting incident as that prescribed to Trump's own Presidential motives. Supposedly stung by President Obama's Birther counterpunch at the White House Correspondent's dinner, Trump as the theory goes is striving to get the last laugh by seizing control of the ultimate bully pulpit. Would Cuban run for President to one up Donald Trump?

VIDEO - Mark Cuban: Donald Trump 'Hasn't Learned And That's A Real Problem'
| MTP Daily | MSNBC
MARK CUBAN: (6m 16s) He's not the type of person that gets in there and grinds. Most entrepreneurs to be successful, most CEOs to be successful you have to grind. You have to get in there and do the work. 24 by 7 you always have to be learning, always be contributing. Always finding better ways. I just don't get that sense from Donald. 10 months later after he announced, he's just not the candidate where you just say "Wow. This guy has really picked up an in-depth understanding of the issues" and that is a problem. So I don't see him as a reflection of a CEO, a reflection of an entrepreneur. He's good at what he's good at but I don't know if that's applicable...

STEVE KORNACKI: I imagine though you've looked at Trump the last year, you've talked about all the rules of politics he's rewritten. Somebody of your background, its gotta look doable now maybe more than it did a year ago.
CUBAN: Without question. I think it did open a door, I think he's set a path for entrepreneurs, for business people. I just hope he doesn't shut it through his actions *laughs*
Just like Trump did by challenging President Obama to reveal his Birth certificate, Cuban's labeling of Trump as the "Seinfeld candidate" (a candidacy about nothing) is a play for No.1 Contender status. The backhanded compliment distances him from negative aspects of the Donald whilst not alienating his "flock". As an aspirational future contender, just being mentioned in the same breath as presumptive nominee Trump and the "American Presidency" sets up storylines for a Mark Cuban Presidential run down the track.

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