Monday, July 2, 2007

State of the Nation - Liberals and Conservatives

I wanted to provide an overall perspective of how certain pundits viewed their party and the state of the media they are a part of. An ideological 'State of the Union' if you will.

Representing the conservative viewpoint, i am reposting this dialogue by Mark Levin. He speaks on immigration, conservatives he's unhappy with, the media and the power of the people. Listen Here.

Representing the liberal viewpoint, Sam Seder. The first segment begins with an interview with Dr Drew Westen regarding the important role 'emotion' needs to play in democratic messaging.

VIDEO: Dr Drew Westen speaks to Sam Seder about the role of emotion in politics
In the second segment, Sam expands by discussing the corporate media, the lucrativeness of conservative punditry and the liberal consultant class. Listen Here

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