Saturday, June 30, 2007

Politics and Wrestling - (unfortunately) together at last

This site is billed as Politics AND Wrestling but many of you will know I rarely talk about wrestling in its purest context. This site is about politics. I was weighing up whether I should talk about this issue as I know people don't come here for wrestling updates.

There was news recently that has shocked the wrestling world. Chris Benoit, considered one of the world's best pure wrestlers was the perpetrator of a murder-suicide involving his family and ending with taking his own life. Its quite stunning but not altogether surprising considering the hyper reality and scandal surrounding that lifestyle. Its actually why i think its a fitting analogy for punditry/politics.

Fox News are all over this story. APF pundits Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity together with the rest of the FoxNews team have covered it interviewing former wrestlers and other relevant professionals. Of note is an interview with Chris Jericho former WWE wrestler and someone who considered Benoit his "best friend" and "brother". Also Debra Marshall, former wife of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. Austin is considered one of the most popular and marketable wrestlers of all time, he has been in trouble with the law multiple times for domestic abuse against Debra.

VIDEO: Watch Bill O'Reilly's interview discussing the Benoit tragedy 

and the lifestyle that may have led to it

See what Fox News has to say here
See what Hannity's guests have to say on the issue
Considering Bill O'Reilly's history (google for yourself) this is a fascinating angle on the story. Not surprising though. Watch here.


Go to LiveAudioWrestling to hear an in-depth look at this issue from a wrestling fan's perspective. Discussing all factors from steroids, head trauma, domestic abuse and the grueling wrestling schedule. Listen to this week's episode here. Read more about the panel here.

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