Monday, November 26, 2007

Fred Thompson shows some fighting spirit

There was a riveting exchange on FoxNews between Fred Thompson and Chris Wallace. In a recent post I explained how Fred had not met the expectations that greeted his entry into the GOP Presidential race. Read previous post here.

Fred's lethargic and lackluster campaigning has been attracting heat in recent weeks from the media. The pundit class that had built the hype on Fred was beginning to turn hostile towards him. Even from corners that were seemingly ideologically friendly.

It all came to a head on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace interviewing Fred Thompson. After being asked a pointy question about his "disappointing" campaign, Fred in his signature pace vigorously defended his performance
FRED THOMPSON: I understand the game of build UP and I understand game of take DOWN and we all go through it.
VIDEO: Fred Thompson on FoxNews Sunday

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Fred Thompson was on Mark Levin's show yesterday following up from his showing on Fox News Sunday. Mark Levin is friendly towards Fred which allowed him to clear the air.
Listen To Fred interviewed by Mark Levin.

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