Friday, November 23, 2007

Presidential endorsements - Pundits, Wrestlers and Chuck Norris show their support

The US election Season is heating up so its time to round up the thoughts and Presidential endorsements from the people that matter most. At least the people that matter in the APF universe: the pundit class, wrestlers and the one and only Chuck Norris.

We'll start with the pundit class. Conservative columnist Ramesh Ponnuru has written a piece for National Review contending that Conservative pundits have voted Rudy Giuliani as winner of the 'Pundit Primary'. He listed several prominent Conservative commentators who have declared support for Rudy, this includes the likes of John Podhoretz of the New York Post and the editors of the New York Sun. However he did provide a cautionary note based on the winner of the last Presidential 'Pundit Primary', John McCain who incidentally Ramesh endorses for '08.
Rudy Wins the Pundit Primary
Rooting too heavily for a candidate can be self-defeating. The less detached a pundit, the less persuasive his advocacy. There is a precedent for backfiring commentary. In 2000, the scribblers behind McCain helped to define his candidacy as an attack on the conservative movement and the Republican establishment, which responded by joining forces to crush him. McCain won the pundit primary, but he lost the nomination.
Read Ramesh' full NRO post here
Laura Ingraham briefly discusses this piece with Byron York. Listen to the audio here.

Now for a wrestler's perspective. I won't have to convince APF supporters of the nexus between politics and wrestling. Heck this whole blog is a living document that proves wrestling and politics are inextricably linked. You won't need to be convinced that a wrestler cannot only hold influence by endorsing someone for President, they could in fact run themselves'. That's what Governor Jesse Ventura's popular supporters would have us believe.

As far as wrestler endorsements go, it doesn't get any better than 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair. A living legend in the ring and undisputed Champion has endorsed Mike Huckabee for president. He will be making his endorsement official by appearing at a tailgate party with Huckabee before a football game in Columbia, S.C.
In a statement Flair said
It's a tremendous honor to offer my support to such an outstanding leader as Mike Huckabee," Flair said in a statement issued by the former Arkansas governor's campaign. "His authentic conservative qualifications and level of executive leadership experience are unmatched by his opponents...And like I always say, to be the man, you've got to beat the man and Mike Huckabee is the man. Whoooooooo!
Huckabee as a fan returns the compliment with a nice wrestling reference of his own
Ric's endorsement will help us put a figure-four leglock on our opponents
Read the CNN Political Ticker's story on the endorsement
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VIDEO: The 'incumbent President' Ric Flair

Lastly we can't forget the Mother of all endorsements ,Chuck Norris. The APF has already said that Mr Norris is our favourite celebrity pundit for being the sometime fill-in for Sean Hannity. Kickass!

VIDEO: We'll let Huck and Chuck give you the facts

the Huckabee Blog on Chuck's endorsement.
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