Friday, December 11, 2009

Jon Stewart calls out Glenn Beck for his opportunistic shilling for Gold

VIDEO: Beck - Not So Mellow Gold
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Beck - Not So Mellow Gold
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Jon Stewart continues his skewering of Glenn Beck, this time examining Beck's motives for his constant promotion of Gold as an attractive investment option.
December 10, 2009: Beck - Not So Mellow Gold
JON STEWART: This is kind of a nice feedback loop, Glenn Beck is paid by Goldline to drum up business for Gold which increases value in times of fear. A notion reinforced nightly on Fox by Glenn Beck. Alright I'm almost sold.

Fox is vouching for Beck. Beck is vouching for Gold. Close the deal.
Its worth noting that the wrestling world also has its own character that is theatrical, God fearing, who some have described as "bizarre" and is also obsessed with Gold.

VIDEO: WWE - Goldust Make His Return At The 2002 Royal Rumble

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