Monday, December 21, 2009

Laura Ingraham chides Bill O'Reilly, asking if "he ate an ACORN cookie?" O'Reilly calls Ingraham a "Kool-Aid drinker"

Laura Ingraham appeared on 'The O'Reilly Factor' to talk about the Healthcare bill. Before the discussion, Laura lightheartedly chided Bill for his "gushing" over the Obama family the night previous when he spoke of attending the White House Media Christmas Party. Bill takes offense at Ingraham's dig and in typical fashion overheats, angrily making note of Ingraham's stubbornness as an ideologue.

This isn't the first time Ingraham has been unimpressed by O'Reilly's cynical positioning in order to be seen as a moderate opinionmaker

VIDEO: Ingraham Calls O'Reilly Out for Kissing Up to the Obamas - 
Did You Eat an ACORN Cookie Last Night?
The O'Reilly Factor December 17, 2009
LAURA INGRAHAM: ... Its like you and Michelle Obama, we're like this
BILL O'REILLY: (facetiously) Hey me and Michelle Obama are very, very close
INGRAHAM: I'm gushing over your gushing last night over the Christmas Party
O'REILLY: I' gonna call you out on this. I thought she was very nice at the party... she was nice. I reported what happened and you have a beef with it
INGRAHAM: I have one question for you Bill - Did you eat an ACORN cookie last night? Yes or no?
O'REILLY: Oh bull! You are a blind ideologue, and even if somebody is nice to you. You won't admit it. Talk about a kool-aid drinker I mean c'mon...
Read a comprehensive transcript from Conservative blog, - O'Reilly Calls Ingraham 'A Blind Ideologue' 'Kool-Aid Drinker', She Asks If He Ate 'ACORN Cookie' At White House Christmas Party

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