Thursday, January 6, 2011

Comedian Marc Maron featured in New York Times

Marc Maron featured on the NY Times
A write up of Comedian Marc Maron in the New York Times
The Comic Who Explores Comedy’s Darkest Side
In 2004 he found a temporary home at Air America, the left-leaning radio network that went off the air last January. It didn’t work out. “I really began to believe that the struggles of most people are existential, not political,” he said, “and my biggest struggles were existential.”

He was canceled by Air America — twice.

A third project with the network, a Web-based show with the comedian Sam Seder, also failed. In September 2009, after that show was canceled, he and Mr. McDonald began to sneak into the Air America studios after hours to record his podcast, bringing guests up in the freight elevator. Soon, he moved from Astoria, Queens, to Los Angeles, where he had spent time on the comedy circuit. And so his garage became the new home of the podcast.
Marc's star has risen considerably with the success of his WTF podcast. He was also recently featured on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of 'The 10 Funniest People, Videos and Things of the Coming Year'

Listen to my 2008 PunditFight interview with Marc Maron here - NerdsGoneWild presents: A conversation with Marc Maron

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