Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pundits as Guest referees: Stephen Colbert moderates debate between Ron Paul & David Leonhardt

The Star Wrestler as Guest referee
Star Wrestlers adopting the role of Guest referee is a classic tradition in wrestling. It allows wrestlers to advance storylines and feuds from a different angle, by favoring certain competitors or strategically choosing not to get involved. Refereeing can be just as effective a way of elevating oneself than it is to be involved in the match.

Watch an entertaining and informational debate between the merits of America returning to the 'Gold Standard' between Congressman Ron Paul & NY Times' David Leonhardt.

Gold Faithful - Ron Paul & David Leonhardt
Gold Faithful - Ron Paul & David Leonhardt
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Read the discussion on the ColbertNation website here -Gold Faithful - Ron Paul & David Leonhardt

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