Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marc Maron talks to Norm Macdonald about politics and spirituality

On a recent live episode of the WTF podcast, political-talker Sam Seder ribbed his old friend and former 'Air America' co-host Marc Maron, "Politics! You remember politics right Marc?"

In a conversation with SNL alum Norm Macdonald, Marc Maron explains his current stance on Politics and Politicians.

Transcript: Maron on politicians (37min mark)
WTF Episode 219 - Norm Macdonald
NORM MACDONALD: ...Even with politicians, they're still human beings.

MARC MARON: Barely. But yeah, they're the worst f*cking people in the world. All of them!

MACDONALD: Well I agree, I'm glad to hear you say that because everybody thinks you're all leftist

MARON: Well I definitely land on the lefty side of things on ideological terms. I've found from doing political talk radio, carrying water for any of them you just gotta realise the quality of people you're dealing with. You're dealing with corporate whores who are operated by business interests. Really its gonna come down to - however you view politics- the question is "Do you give a sh*t about poor people?" and "Are we being taken advantage of?".

Now if you wanna frame that as "Obama is a communist and draining us of our livelihood", well that's your particular delusion and thats fine. But I just got disillusioned with all of it. These are not quality people. I did a joke on Michelle Bachmann on 'Real Time'...
MACDONALD: I saw that

MARON: Yeah and I was getting flack from a very small portion of the Right, (imitating) "He's a misogynist". Well she's a f*cking politician. Can you name me two politicians who demand any respect whatsoever. Why do we respect these people? These people are car salesman, they're idiots, they're more disingenuous than anybody as performers. They've basically figured out a way to bait and placate morons into voting against their self interest. It's an amazing skill but is it respectable? I don't know. Do you respect a guy who sells you horsesh*t in the guise of a health supplement?
The conversation goes into an interesting comparison of Politics and Evangelism and into a much larger, compelling discussion of spirituality.

- Listen to Norm Macdonald interviewing Ann Coulter (Jan 3, 2008)

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