Sunday, July 26, 2009

Air America cancels 'Break Room Live' with Marc Maron and Sam Seder

Online Webcast, 'Break Room Live' with Marc Maron and Sam Seder is no longer. This is sad news for fans of Marc and Sam and unfortunately all too familiar. For Sam this is the fourth show incarnation he has hosted for Air America and has been canceled from. Beginning with 'The Majority Report' with friend Janeane Garofalo. Then 'The Sam Seder Show' sans Janeane followed by 'Seder on Sundays' when Air America under new management replaced Sam's weekday timeslot, transferring him to Weekend duty.

At the end of that run, Sam continued his infamous sparring segments with Marc Maron on a startup video chat show informally called 'Maron V Seder'. After many months as a webshow on Sam's website, Air America picked up the format during the run up to the 08' elections where it picked up the official show title of 'Break Room Live'.

For Marc Maron this is his third run with Air America. Starting with his first show 'Morning Sedition' co-hosted with Marc Riley. Then going solo on the 'Marc Maron Show' after moving home to LA. Marc famously left Air America in spectacular fashion, fighting on-air with management which he recounted to Sam and Janeane at the time.

Marc and Sam have both alternated between being outspoken, diplomatic and philosophical of their turbulent relationship with Air America. This has been highlighted in previous posts and my interviews with Marc and Sam.

As has been the case previously Marc foreshadowed the impending but not yet announced cancellation of 'Break Room Live' during the closing a monologue of their penultimate show - Tuesday July 14, 2009.
MARC MARON: (talking about America's economy and job market) It's a very bleak thing and I'm feeling it personally cause you never know how long you're job is going to last. I know I'm in show business...
Marc continues, alluding to favourite themes like 'Art VS Commerce' and integrity whilst taking a swipe at "management" types
MARC MARON: This is us, we're doing big work here... we appeal to specific people on a first name basis and that's exactly the kind of business that gets killed by the big guys in this country. Because there are people's jobs in this country who's only job is to smugly and with a smile fire other people. They get paid a lot of money to do that and when they leave they move onto something else where they hang out and fire other people.
Learning from previous experience Sam chose to bite his tongue over his fourth cancellation on Air America
SAM SEDER: There have been many times where I've made the mistake of expressing certain things at at inopportune time that has led to a greater lack of inopportunity
Watch the abrupt final show - Wednesday July 15, 2009

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