Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fox News featuring Bill O'Reilly, Brian Kilmeade and wrestlers Kurt Angle and Jesse Ventura

Three separate videos surrounding a remarkable claim that accusses Former Governor Jesse Ventura of disparaging the military and a young SEAL Sniper supposedly teaching him a lesson.

The Videos feature some of the APF's greatest stars
- Bill O'Reilly, arguably the greatest PunditFighter of them all
- Jesse Ventura, Former wrestler turned Politician
- Brian Kilmeade, Fox personality and former UFC commentator
- Kurt Angle, one of the greatest wrestler of all time

VIDEO: Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Tells O'Reilly: I Decked Jesse Ventura

BILL O'REILLY: So once he [Ventura] said "You deserve to lose a few guys" you popped him? (punching motion)
O'REILLY: Did he fight back?
KYLE: He went down, The cops were there. I took off running.
VIDEO: Jesse Ventura Responds on the Alex Jones Radio Show - Chris Kyle Navy Seal Punch (Full Interview)

JESSE VENTURA: I have never supported the Iraq War. And let me say this clearly. Wars are not cause by the soldiers, the sailors or the airman. Wars are caused by politicians. Politicians take us to war and I have been so critical of the politicians that took us to the Iraq War...

I have all the sympathy in the world for the soldiers having been one and anyone who questions my patriotism, that I would behave in this manner that is a direct insult to me, my family. Its a direct insult to my mother and father. My father had 6 Bronze Battle stars in WWII, my mother is a WWII veteran, a nurse in North Africa... my entirely family are veterans, we were all enlisted men. We were at the bottom rung...

So for someone to state that I would take joy and pleasure -and especially one of my SEAL teammates would die - that I would enjoy that? Is despicable, its wrong and this never happened...
VIDEO: Wrestling BADASS Kurt Angle takes down Brian Kilmeade

KURT ANGLE: Yeah I mean, Jesse had his own viewpoint. I don't-- I love Jesse Ventura, he's a great guy but his choice of words and what he said I think was wrong so I don't blame this SEAL sniper for what he did. But with Jesse Ventura you never know how tough he really is. I'm glad the guy ran (laughter)

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