Sunday, January 1, 2012

UFC Fighter Jacob Volkmann continues his one-way feud with President Obama

After creating news in January for calling out President Barack Obama, UFC Fighter Jacob Volkmann is at it again:
UFC 141 Results: Jacob Volkmann Trolls President Obama After Beating Efrain Escudero
UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann dominated Efrain Escudero for a ho-hum decision at UFC 141, but things got interesting-ish after the fight. Volkmann received a visit from the Secret Service in January of this year after saying he'd like to fight President Obama because, "someone's got to knock some sense into that idiot."

Volkmann attempted to follow up on that notoriety last night by donning a "Volkmann for President" t-shirt and launching into a terrible joke about Obama when UFC announcer Joe Rogan interviewed him after the fight.

"I'd like to give President Obama a glassectomy. Ask me what a glassectomy is Joe," Volkmann said to a groaning Rogan. "A glassectomy is when you cut a hole in the belly button and put in a glass window so you can still see with your head up your ass."...
In a post match interview with Ariel Helwani, Jacob Volkmann seemingly gives up on his feud with with President Obama but interestingly calls out Joe Rogan for being a leftist sympathiser

VIDEO: Jacob Volkmann UFC 141, wants to punch Joe Rogan in the balls...

ARIEL HELWANI: Are you disappointed in him [Joe Rogan]? Maybe he didn't want anyone doing the comedy thing next to him?
JACOB VOLKMANN: I think he's a Democrat even though I know he's not. He's a more independent kind of guy. I think everyone knows where he stands...

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