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Adam Carolla and Glenn Beck: On being loved and hated

VIDEO: Adam Carolla on the Glenn Beck Program

VIDEO: Adam Carolla Glenn Beck Interview GBTV 01-17-12 (
GLENN BECK: (5m 34s)... I said on the air we probably disagree on a lot of stuff but good for him. Listen to him. I know because I heard a clip from you later saying that people were like "How can you be friends with Glenn Beck?". We're not friends.

Why can't people who may or may not disagree with each other on a lot  (I don't know what you think about everything), it didn't matter to me. Why can't we have a dialogue like we're having right now without you being in bed with a bad guy like me or me selling out because [of your] language... Why can't we have a normal conversation and come together on big things?

ADAM CAROLLA: I'll tell you why. I think people are in such a hurry to put you in a box that they cannot take the time to peel your onion and they cannot realise that there are shades of grey. We may disagree on religion but we may agree on border policy or raising the taxes and we may disagree on other topics but ultimately we're both family men.

For me I don't really care what your religion is or what you pray to or what colour you are. You're either part of the problem or part of the solution.

BECK: (mild sarcasm) You're not saying content of character?

CAROLLA: I am. I'm just saying there's a big bicycle we're all on. You're either pedaling or your dragging your feet and what you do after you get home is your business. I'm interested in finding the guys who pedal and praise them and I'm not interested in talking about what our differences are in religion. I'm interested in finding the guys dragging their feet and throwing them off the bicycle.

BECK: (impressed) I love you man 
In a democracy there are several types of people, those pedaling, those dragging their feet and those who are content or distracted enough that they're not bothered where the bike ends up. Depending on the location and direction of the bike, its reasonable that we might alternate between feet dragging and pedaling.

Adam Carolla closes his conversation by essentially describing the metric of how a wrestler's success is measured - To be taken notice regardless of whether you're loved or hated ('face' or 'heel')
ADAM CAROLLA (13m 2s): Ultimately all you have is your voice, especially when we do what we do [Punditry for Beck, Comedy for Carolla] and if you just speak the truth. The truth as you know it, the truth as you feel it and speak your voice. You'll get a certain amount of people who love you and a certain amount of people that hate you.

But I'd rather have a bunch of people that love me and bunch of people that hate me than a bunch of people in the middle who went "Eh, he's alright". That's what I want.

The worst thing anyone can say about you, I mean back in High School you wanted the Head Cheerleader to either or love you or hate you. The worst answer answer would be "Glenn who? I don't think I know that name".
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