Thursday, February 16, 2012

Elimination Chamber: The Republicans and WWE Superstars Debate

Elimination Chamber: The WWE meets the Republican Primary debates

VIDEO: WWE Raw - Elimination Chamber
Preview debate (Feb 13, 2012)

Each competitor for the 2012 Elimination Chamber said their peace moving forward their respective narratives. The debate format is an entertaining approach to build for the event that will earn them the right to face the defending Champion. Each competitor has their strengths, their unique brand of charisma garnering varying degrees of support. Some simply point to their record, others exude confidence whilst some have a chip on their shoulder.

Depending on the competency of the Moderator and the tone of civility set. Each debate enhances, weakens or preserves the candidate's status quo. Ultimately the debate will not settle a thing, its the referee's count that will determine the next champion.
WWE Raw: Elimination Chamber debate (Feb 13, 2012)
CM PUNK: To you the WWE audience. I give my word, I promise you that this debate will not end in violence...

VICKIE GUERRERO: Excuse Me! [Moderator] Jerry, I think there should be no booing allowed...
DOLPH ZIGGLER: Everyone knows I'm a better wrestler than CM Punk. I'm better than anyone in the ring at everything including the audience. That's kind of my deal. Except I back it up every single night and then there's people like R-Truth who don't even know what State we're in
R-TRUTH: Is that right? Well if I'm elected. The first thing I'm going to do is trade Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler to Smackdown for Hornswaggle and a box of spiders
ZIGGLER: We're not running for office you idiot! How do you even work here? King! (pleading to moderator)
Moderator JERRY 'THE KING' LAWLER: Its OK, continue..
R-TRUTH: Thank you your honor...

Moderator LAWLER: You were in the main event of last year's Wrestlemania?
THE MIZ: Correction Jerry! I wasn't in the main event of last year's Wrestlemania. I WAS the Main event of last year's Wrestlemania! I made history when I retained my title not once but twice...
*buzzer sounds*
Moderator LAWLER: Miz you're time is up...
KOFI KINGSTON: Miz why don't you shut up. An Afterthought? You called me an afterthought. I'm sure most of the people in this ring probably agree with you because I have been overlooked for far too long. That's alright though because that's the beautiful thing about the Elimination Chamber is that in the course of one night everything can change...

CHRIS JERICHO: Its obvious that I'm surrounded by neophytes in this ring, surrounded by neophytes in this entire arena. All of you need to quiet down because the true "Best in the World" at everything I do is about to enunciate...
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