Sunday, February 16, 2014

Avengers assemble! Glenn Beck's 2014 Summer Rally with Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter and possibly Rush Limbaugh

VIDEO: RWW News - Glenn Beck Teases Pre-Election Conservative Summit 
Beck Teases Pre-Election Conservative Summit with Hannity, Levin & Limbaugh
GLENN BECK: I wrote to Sean about a week before I went on vacation and I said "Sean, I do these summer events and this summer, we haven't announced it yet, but I would like to consider doing the first night of a three night event with you and Mark and possibly Rush [if anybody has the guts to ask Rush] and he wrote back immediately "I'm in. I'll talk to Mark"...
This summer event, we hope to announce in the next couple of weeks. I'm thinking it'll be in June... coincidentally this is the summer leading into the Midterm elections...
PAT GRAY: It'd be weird to be united leading into the Midterm elections... It'd be really sad for the other side
Glenn Beck's Summer Rally 2014:
Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck used a cartoon reference to describe this union of Pundit heavyweights, "when Wonder Twins activate… Something big is happening". I would have preferred a wrestling reference but I feel another set of comic book superfriends are more apt - The Avengers!

Glenn Beck's Summer Rally 2014:
"Avengers Assemble!" edition
Ann Coulter as The Black Widow
A femme fatale, perennially in Black. Ann is tasked with coaxing the powerful Rush Limbaugh into the fold.

Sean Hannity as Captain America
Sean is a "Great American" and a leader in his own right. He is a patriot with a throwback style.

Glenn Beck as Iron Man
A wealthy industrialist and recovering alcoholic, Glenn Beck is the head of this motley crew of conservative pundits

Mark Levin as Thor
Wielding his hammer of justice, Levin is a lawyer with a thunderous voice. Despite fighting alongside Iron Man [Glenn Beck], they have had their battles in the past.

Rush Limbaugh as The Incredible Hulk
You wouldn't want to see him angry. A one man wrecking crew, Rush is the Lethal Weapon crucial to the Avengers winning the war.

Play with the new APF animation below. Toggle the button on the corner left to see the "Avengers Assembled":

- War is over: Sean Hannity and Mark Levin call truce with Glenn Beck

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