Monday, March 17, 2014

Glenn Beck is the Brony Messiah: #StandWithGrayson in solidarity for a 9yr old student bullied for his 'My Little Pony' lunch bag

Last week President Obama made headlines for appearing on Zach Galifianakis' faux interview show 'Between Two Ferns' presented by 'Funny or Die'. Whilst critics found the parody beneath the dignity of Presidential office, others saw it as astutely reaching out to the youth using their language.

President Obama has always had a crossover appeal due to his perceived cool which proponents (Bill Maher) and detractors (Roseanne Barr) have been critical of in the past. Ultimately its a play for a younger, connected audience. This week, arguably the most influential person on the Right went for an equally influential youth audience - Glenn Beck revealed himself as a "Brony".

VIDEO: Know Your Meme: My Little Pony  
KNOW YOUR MEME: (4m) Whilst it may seem the initial fires of war have subsided and each side, those who seek the magical friendship of Ponydom and those who see it a cancer to the web are locked into an unbreakable stalemate. It is prophecised that one great Brony will unite the herd and usher in a new era of love and tolerance to the entire web.
Is Glenn Beck the prophecised Brony Messiah?
Glenn Beck came to the defense of  9 year old Grayson Bruce who was bullied in his Buncombe County school for bringing a 'My Little Pony' lunch bag. Showing solidarity with the boy and his mother, Beck spoke of the callousness of the School Counsellor who suggested he "should hide his lunch box in his backpack and that when you carry things like that these things happen."
#StandWithGrayson: Glenn stands in solidarity with a 9-year-old NC student
GLENN BECK: We're not aficionados on My Little Pony. But I am an aficionado on what it takes to be a man in today's world. And just because you like little ponies means nothing. You having the courage to be who you are and stand up no matter what society says, that is worth its weight in gold.
Send us your snapshots or whatever else you might have and we'll post them. And Grayson, if you and your mom ever want to come down to Dallas, you let me know. You can bring your My Little Pony lunch bag, and I might bring My Little Pony lunch bag. And we can have lunch.
Brony Glenn Beck: Welcome to the Herd.
Brony Glenn Beck: Don't Feed the Parasprites

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