Monday, August 31, 2015

Comedian Jackie Mason on the preposterousness of running for President in America

VIDEO: Michael Savage Interviews legendary comedian Jackie Mason (8-13-15)

Jackie Mason skewers the way Americans select their Presidents
JACKIE MASON: (8m 15s) I talk about the preposterous system the Presidency is. Take a look at these debates, is there anything more idiotic than these debates. You have one minute to express all your thoughts on Foreign Policy, the American domestic policy, anything that's happening in the world and you have to do it in one minute. If you happen to breathe a little slow, you've lost the debate. And you have to make sure you tell a joke better than the next guy because they don't remember any policy or position. They just remember who told the best one-liner or the best joke.
The next day that's all they're talking about, so it becomes a comedy contest. If this was 50 years ago, Groucho Marx would be the President.

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