Friday, September 4, 2015

Bill Maher: Donald Trump is the White Kanye

With Donald Trump's frontrunner status in the Republican Primary and HipHop artist Kanye's recent announcement to run for office in 2020, pollsters have already begun speculating on a hypothetical showdown between these larger-than-life personalities. Late night talk shows quickly began drawing comparisons between the two but it was APF pundit Bill Maher who described Trump as Kanye even before Yeezy followed suit with his own Presidential ambitions.

VIDEO: Real Time with Bill Maher
- Donald Trump Is the White Kanye (HBO)
BILL MAHER: I hear all over the media, "he's just a joke. It's just a publicity stunt, don't worry about it. It'll go away. It's not going away."... Here's the thing about Donald Trump. He never apologizes, he's never wrong. No matter what crazy thing he says, he's totally *inaudible*. He's the White Kanye.
--crowd applauds--
For a party whose base adores belligerence, this is the guy.
ERIC DYSON: But if he dreams that he's as intelligent as Kanye he better wake up and apologize
MARY KATHARINE HAM: He also has the most important quality for running for President which is thinking you're awesome enough to run for President
MAHER: That's right. They love that

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